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Effects of sand burial on survival, growth, gas exchange and biomass allocation of Ulmus pumila seedlings in the Hunshandak Sandland, China.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS In the last decade, the number of young plants of Ulmus pumila in the Hunshandak Sandland has decreased sharply because of severe sand burial, and their ecological protectiveExpand
Immunocompetence and oxidant defense during ascorbate depletion of healthy men.
To determine nonscorbutic effects of moderate vitamin C deficiency we measured immune function and oxidative damage in eight healthy men (25-43 y) who consumed 5-250 mg/d of ascorbic acid over 92 dExpand
The influence of low temperature on photosynthesis and antioxidant enzymes in sensitive banana and tolerant plantain (Musa sp.) cultivars
Low temperature (LT) is one of the major factors that limit crop production and reduce yield. To better understand the cold-tolerance mechanism in the plantains, a sensitive cultivar Williams (MusaExpand
Dissociation of negative inotropic effect of carbachol from changes in cAMP and PKA in perfused rat hearts.
The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether muscarinic receptors are selectively coupled to the pool of adenylyl cyclase that is responsible for the elevation of particulateExpand
On the vitellogenesis of Coccinella septempunctata L.: the occurrence of vitellogenin as influenced by artificial diet.
Vitellogenin was prepared from the matured eggs of a predacious beetle Coccinella septempunctata by extraction in 0.4 M NaCl and subsequent precipitation in cold distilled water. Results of theExpand
The geochemical availability of soil Zn and Mo in relation to stomach and esophageal cancer in the People's Republic of China and U.S.A.
The geochemistry of the available trace elements Zn and Mo in soils and their concentrations in food crops relate inversely to significantly higher than the national average rates in China of theExpand
In vivo methylation capacity is not impaired in healthy men during short-term dietary folate and methyl group restriction.
Ten healthy adult men were fed a diet low in folate and exogenous methyl groups to study the effects on in vivo methylation capability. The men were housed in a metabolic unit for the entire 108 d ofExpand
Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activity and DNA strand breaks are affected in tissues of niacin-deficient rats.
The niacin cofactor, NAD, is the substrate for poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase, an enzyme associated with DNA repair. We investigated, therefore, whether hepatic poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activity wasExpand
Glutathione blood levels and other oxidant defense indices in men fed diets low in vitamin C.
Because ascorbic acid is an important contributor to the oxidant defense system in body tissues, we studied the effects of a low dietary intake of ascorbic acid on various indicators of oxidantExpand
Photosynthetic Responses of Four Hosta Cultivars to Shade Treatments
The effects of shade on the gas exchange of four Hosta cultivars were determined under differing irradiances (5, 30, 50, and 100 % of full irradiance) within pots. Irradiance saturation rangedExpand