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FGFR1/3 Tyrosine Kinase Fusions Define a Unique Molecular Subtype of Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
FGFR is a druggable target and patients with FGFR fusions may benefit from FGFR-targeted therapy, which needs further clinical investigation. Expand
Active Smoking, Passive Smoking, and Risk of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): A Population-Based Study in China
Passive smoking and heavy active smoking are associated with prevalent NAFLD in middle-aged and elderly Chinese and the combination of these risk factors was associated with the highest observed odds ratio forNAFLD. Expand
Socioeconomic determinants of fertility in China
  • J. Zhang
  • Economics, Medicine
  • Journal of population economics
  • 1 August 1990
The results indicate that even after age, marriage duration and child mortality are taken into account, education level of the woman, occupational status of the husband, the place of former and current residence, sex preference for boys, durable goods ownership, and family structure affect fertility. Expand
Efficacy of Crizotinib among Different Types of ROS1 Fusion Partners in Patients with ROS1‐Rearranged Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
Findings suggests that patients with CD74‐ROS1 fusion partners are more likely to present with brain metastases when they are treated with crizotinib, and a trend toward improved survival was observed in patients in the non–CD74‐ ROS1 group when they were treated withcrizotin ib. Expand
Determining factors in diagnosing pulmonary sarcoidosis by endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration.
Endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchia needle aspiration is a safe procedure with high sensitivity for diagnosing sarcoidosis, having a higher diagnostic yield in stage I than stage II. Expand
Multicenter analysis of lung cancer patients younger than 45 years in Shanghai
The treatment, prognosis, and outcomes of young lung cancer patients have not been fully explored. In addition, there is a pressing need to characterize this subgroup of patients, because there is aExpand
Population growth and economic growth: a reconsideration.
It is found that when all exogenous variables are controlled for, there exists an inverse relation between population growth and economic growth, but when some exogenous factors change, such as an improvement in technological progress, the relation becomes ambiguous. Expand
Homochiral 2D Porous Covalent Organic Frameworks for Heterogeneous Asymmetric Catalysis.
The construction of two-dimensional COFs with chiral functionalities embedded into the frameworks by imine condensations of enantiopure TADDOL-derived tetraaldehydes with 4,4'-diaminodiphenylmethane are reported, which will greatly expand the scope of materials design and engineering for the creation of new types of functional porous materials. Expand
Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Graphene (Reduced Graphene Oxide)/Aluminum Composites with a Bioinspired Nanolaminated Structure.
Bulk graphene (reduced graphene oxide)-reinforced Al matrix composites with a bioinspired nanolaminated microstructure with significantly improved stiffness and tensile strength, and a similar or even slightly higher total elongation were shown. Expand
Polyimide encapsulated lithium-rich cathode material for high voltage lithium-ion battery.
Electrochemical performances of LNMCO including cyclic stability and rate capability are evidently improved by coating a PI nanolayer, which effectively separates the cathode material from the electrolyte and stabilizes their interface at high voltage. Expand