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Characterization of Sleep in Zebrafish and Insomnia in Hypocretin Receptor Mutants
Sleep is a fundamental biological process conserved across the animal kingdom. The study of how sleep regulatory networks are conserved is needed to better understand sleep across evolution. WeExpand
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Molecular marker study of extractable organic matter in aerosols from urban areas of China
Abstract The solvent-extractable compounds (lipids) of aerosol samples, which were collected from a western suburb of Beijing, in the city of Guiyang and on the outskirts of Guangzhou, P.R. China,Expand
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Adsorptive removal of Cr (VI) by Fe-modified activated carbon prepared from Trapa natans husk
Fe-modified activated carbon (THAC-Fe) was developed from a low-cost aquatic plant residue, Trapa natans husk, and tested for its ability to remove Cr (VI) from aqueous solutions. The surfaceExpand
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Adsorption of basic dyes on activated carbon prepared from Polygonum orientale Linn: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies
Abstract Low cost activated carbon was prepared from Polygonum orientale Linn by phosphoric acid activation. Its ability to remove the basic dyes, malachite green (MG) and rhodamine B (RB) wasExpand
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The neocarzinostatin biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces carzinostaticus ATCC 15944 involving two iterative type I polyketide synthases.
The biosynthetic gene cluster for the enediyne antitumor antibiotic neocarzinostatin (NCS) was localized to 130 kb continuous DNA from Streptomyces carzinostaticus ATCC15944 and confirmed by geneExpand
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Cloning, sequencing, analysis, and heterologous expression of the fredericamycin biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces griseus.
Fredericamycin (FDM) A, a pentadecaketide featuring two sets of peri-hydroxy tricyclic aromatic moieties connected through a unique chiral spiro carbon center, exhibits potent cytotoxicity and hasExpand
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The Carboxy Terminus of EmbC from Mycobacterium smegmatis Mediates Chain Length Extension of the Arabinan in Lipoarabinomannan*
d-Arabinofurans, attached to either a galactofuran or a lipomannan, are the primary constituents of mycobacterial cell wall, forming the unique arabinogalactan (AG) and lipoarabinomannan (LAM),Expand
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Adsorption of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol from aqueous solution onto activated carbon derived from loosestrife
Abstract An activated carbon was prepared from the stalk of the scrap aquatic plant loosestrife , by H 3 PO 4 activation and then was evaluated for its ability to adsorb 2,4,6-trichlorophenol (TCP).Expand
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Adsorption of nitrate and nitrite from aqueous solution onto calcined (Mg-Al) hydrotalcite of different Mg/Al ratio
Hydrotalcites (HTx) of different Mg/Al ratio (x was Mg/Al ratio; 2,3,4) were synthesized by co-precipitation method. Calcined hydrotalcites (CHTx) at 500 degrees C have been shown to recover theirExpand
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Peptide deformylase is a potential target for anti-Helicobacter pylori drugs: reverse docking, enzymatic assay, and X-ray crystallography validation.
  • J. Cai, C. Han, +9 authors H. Jiang
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  • 1 September 2006
Colonization of human stomach by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is a major causative factor for gastrointestinal illnesses and gastric cancer. However, the discovery of anti-H. pylori agents is aExpand
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