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Drag reduction through self-similar bending of a flexible body
This work uses a flexible fibre immersed in a flowing soap film to measure the drag reduction that arises from bending of the fibre by the flow, and uses a model that couples hydrodynamics to bending to predict a reduced drag growth compared to the classical theory.
A high‐order finite difference discretization strategy based on extrapolation for convection diffusion equations
We propose a new high-order finite difference discretization strategy, which is based on the Richardson extrapolation technique and an operator interpolation scheme, to solve convection diffusion
Pseudo almost automorphic solutions to semilinear differential equations in Banach spaces
Abstract In this paper, we prove that the space $(\mathit{PAA}(\mathbb{R},\mathbb{X}),\|\cdot\|_{0})$ is complete. This not only gives an affirmative answer to a basic problem in this field, but
The Mean Field Theory In EM Procedures For Markov Random Fields
  • J. Zhang
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on…
  • 23 September 1991
The EM (expectation-maximization) algorithm is a maxinium-likelihood parameter estimation procedure for incomplete data problems in which part of the data is hidden, or unobservable. In many signal
Composition of pseudo almost automorphic and asymptotically almost automorphic functions
This paper is concerned with pseudo almost automorphic functions, which are more general and complicated than pseudo almost periodic functions and asymptotically almost automorphic functions. New
Sculpting of an erodible body by flowing water
Although commonly viewed as a smoothing process, it is found that erosion sculpts pointed and cornerlike features that persist as the solid shrinks, a principle for understanding erosion in more complex geometries and flows, such as those present in nature.
Accelerated multigrid high accuracy solution of the convection-diffusion equation with high Reynolds number
A fourth-order compact finite difference scheme is employed with the multigrid algorithm to obtain highly accurate numerical solution of the convection-diffusion equation with very high Reynolds
Persistent homology and Floer-Novikov theory
We construct "barcodes" for the chain complexes over Novikov rings that arise in Novikov's Morse theory for closed one-forms and in Floer theory on not-necessarily-monotone symplectic manifolds. In
The kinematics of an untwisting solar jet in a polar coronal hole observed by SDO/AIA
Using the multi-wavelength data from the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft, we study a jet occurring in a coronal hole near the northern pole