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Dynamics and Stabilization of the Human Gut Microbiome during the First Year of Life.
The gut microbiota is central to human health, but its establishment in early life has not been quantitatively and functionally examined. Applying metagenomic analysis on fecal samples from a largeExpand
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The response of river discharge to climate fluctuations in the source region of the Yellow River
The Yellow River is the second biggest river in China and serves as a source of domestic and agricultural water supply in the watershed. In the last several decades, this river’s discharge reduced toExpand
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Forestry Measures for Ecologically Controlling Non-point Source Pollution in Taihu Lake Watershed, China
  • J. Zhang
  • Environmental Science
  • 27 July 2016
Taihu Lake is located at the center of Changjiang delta region. The Lake and its effluent rivers are important water sources for about 40 million inhabitants and rapidly increasing industrialExpand
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Water shortages and countermeasures for sustainable utilisation in the context of climate change in the Yellow River Delta region, China
With an increasing population and rapid development of the economy and society of the Yellow River Basin region, the Yellow River is at crisis point. The discrepancy between supply and demand ofExpand
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Integrated management of water and ecology in the urban area of Laoshan district, Qingdao, China
Abstract Wastewater and storm water management are incorporated into ecological design by open water channel, storage pond, and constructed wetlands to form green waterways or ecological corridors,Expand
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Carbon sequestration of black locust forests in the Yellow River Delta region, China
The Yellow River Delta region in China is a land area of 1,200,000 ha with rich natural resources. Adverse environmental conditions, such as low rainfall and high salinity, promote the dominance ofExpand
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High-fat feeding rather than obesity drives taxonomical and functional changes in the gut microbiota in mice
BackgroundIt is well known that the microbiota of high-fat (HF) diet-induced obese mice differs from that of lean mice, but to what extent, this difference reflects the obese state or the diet isExpand
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Agroforestry and its application in amelioration of saline soils in eastern China coastal region
Some environmental problems, especially soil salinity hinder the regional sustainable development of eastern China coastal region. Salinity mainly comes from tide weave, seawater flooding andExpand
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