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Quantitative trait loci mapping of leaf angle and leaf orientation value in maize (Zea mays L.)
A major limiting factor for high productivity of maize (Zea mays L.) in dense planting is light penetration through the canopy. Plant architecture with a narrower leaf angle (LA) and an optimum leafExpand
Modification of agricultural waste/by-products for enhanced phosphate removal and recovery: potential and obstacles.
There is a growing trend to employ agricultural waste/by-products (AWBs) as the substrates for the development of phosphate biosorbents. Nevertheless, due to the lack of anion binding sites, naturalExpand
Cell wall-degrading enzymes of Didymella bryoniae in relation to fungal growth and virulence in cantaloupe fruit
Didymella bryoniae is an important pathogen of cucurbits worldwide. Virulence factors of D. bryoniae were investigated in regard to fungal growth and the production of the cell wall-degradingExpand
Comparing the value of bioproducts from different stages of anaerobic membrane bioreactors.
The anaerobic digestion process in anaerobic membrane bioreactors is an effective way for waste management, energy sustainability and pollution control in the environment. This digestion processExpand
Tumor necrosis factor‐alpha inhibits osteogenic differentiation of pre‐osteoblasts by downregulation of EphB4 signaling via activated nuclear factor‐kappaB signaling pathway
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The majority of experiments show that tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) inhibits osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells and pre-osteoblasts by activatedExpand
Anti-TNF-α antibody alleviates insulin resistance in rats with sepsis-induced stress hyperglycemia
PurposeTo explore the effects and mechanisms of anti-tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) antibody on insulin resistance (IR) in rats with sepsis-induced stress hyperglycemia.MethodsThe sepsis-inducedExpand
Effects of C/N ratio on the performance of a hybrid sponge-assisted aerobic moving bed-anaerobic granular membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment.
This study aimed to evaluate the impact of C/N ratio on the performance of a hybrid sponge-assisted aerobic moving bed-anaerobic granular membrane bioreactor (SAAMB-AnGMBR) in municipal wastewaterExpand
Co-occurrence of DSM-IV mental disorders and alcohol use disorder among adult Chinese males
Background Studies from high-income countries report moderate-to-strong positive associations between alcohol use disorder (AUD) and other mental disorders, but there is little evidence about theExpand
Molecular cloning and expression pattern of the DjStag gene in the planarian Dugesia japonica during embryonic development.
We examined STAG-related gene (DjStag) expression in the planarian Dugesia japonica. This species is common in Far Eastern countries. The DjStag cDNA includes 1362 bp and contains a 489-bp openExpand