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Astrocytic Purinergic Signaling Coordinates Synaptic Networks
The results indicate that astrocytes are intricately linked in the regulation of synaptic strength and plasticity and provide a pathway for synaptic cross-talk. Expand
New World Bats Harbor Diverse Influenza A Viruses
Using consensus degenerate RT-PCR, a novel influenza A virus is identified in a flat-faced fruit bat from Peru, indicating that bats constitute a potentially important and likely ancient reservoir for a diverse pool of influenza viruses. Expand
Programming and Inheritance of Parental DNA Methylomes in Mammals
It is found that 5mC or its oxidized derivatives, at the majority of demethylated CpGs, are converted to unmodified cytosines independent of passive dilution from gametes to four-cell embryos. Expand
Structure and mechanism of the CMR complex for CRISPR-mediated antiviral immunity.
The prokaryotic clusters of regularly interspaced palindromic repeats (CRISPR) system utilizes genomically encoded CRISPR RNA (crRNA), derived from invading viruses and incorporated intoExpand
Sperm, but Not Oocyte, DNA Methylome Is Inherited by Zebrafish Early Embryos
Nine single-base resolution DNA methylomes are generated, including zebrafish gametes and early embryos, and it is shown that inheritance of the sperm methylome facilitates the epigenetic regulation of embryogenesis. Expand
Discovery of RG7388, a potent and selective p53-MDM2 inhibitor in clinical development.
The discovery and characterization of a second generation clinical MDM2 inhibitor, RG7388, with superior potency and selectivity is reported, with a significant challenge for the development of small-molecule inhibitors with desirable pharmacological profiles. Expand
The evolution and pathogenic mechanisms of the rice sheath blight pathogen
The draft genome sequence of the rice sheath blight disease pathogen, R. solani AG1 IA, is assembled using next-generation Illumina Genome Analyser sequencing technologies and reveals the exclusive expression patterns of the pathogenic determinants during host infection. Expand
Adsorption of antimony onto iron oxyhydroxides: adsorption behavior and surface structure.
Adsorption behaviors and surface structure of antimony (III/V) on iron oxides were investigated using batch adsorption techniques, surface complexation modeling (SCM), X-ray photon spectroscopy (XPS), and extendedX-ray absorption fine structure spectroscope (EXAFS). Expand
PIN Auxin Efflux Carrier Polarity Is Regulated by PINOID Kinase-Mediated Recruitment into GNOM-Independent Trafficking in Arabidopsis[C][W]
A model that includes PID-dependent PIN phosphorylation at the plasma membrane and the subsequent sorting of PIN proteins to a GNOM-independent pathway for polarity alterations during developmental processes, such as lateral root formation and leaf vasculature development is proposed. Expand
Engineering the Provitamin A (b-Carotene) Biosynthetic Pathway into (Carotenoid-Free)
Protoplasts were lysed and recombi-nant protein was immunoprecipitated with GFP pep-tide antibodies and proteinA—Sepharose CL-4B was assayed for kinase activity using histone III-S (Sigma) as substrate. Expand