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Soil organic matter to soil organic carbon ratios of peatland soil substrates
Abstract Data of soil organic matter (SOM) content can be used for the assessment of stocks and changes of soil organic carbon (SOC) in peatland soils. Therefore, it is essentially necessary toExpand
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Soil properties of drained and rewetted fen soils
The intensive agricultural use and consequently the drainage of fen soils have caused modifications in structure and nutrient dynamics. Pedogenetic processes result in the formation of typical soilExpand
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Carbon storage in the peatlands of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, north-east Germany.
Peatlands are becoming increasingly important in the context of climate change because they store large amounts of carbon, but information regarding the exact amount of carbon is scarce. In theirExpand
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High emissions of greenhouse gases from grasslands on peat and other organic soils.
Drainage has turned peatlands from a carbon sink into one of the world's largest greenhouse gas (GHG) sources from cultivated soils. We analyzed a unique data set (12 peatlands, 48 sites and 122Expand
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A framework for assessing agricultural soil quality on a global scale
This paper provides information about a novel approach of rating agricultural soil quality (SQ) and crop yield potentials consistently over a range of spatial scales. The Muencheberg Soil QualityExpand
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Stability of soil organic matter in two northeastern German fen soils: the influence of site and soil development
PurposePeatland soils play an important role in the global carbon (C) cycle due to their high organic carbon content. Lowering of the water table e.g. for agricultural use accelerates aerobicExpand
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The influence of degree of peat decomposition on phosphorus binding forms in fens.
Re-wetting of drained fens can release phosphorus, introducing a eutrophication risk for associated aquatic ecosystems. Characterisation of the different forms of organic and inorganic boundExpand
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Organic soils in Germany, their distribution and carbon stocks
Abstract The knowledge on spatial distribution and status of organic soils are essential for climate reporting and carbon stock calculations. In Germany so far, the official soil map at a scale ofExpand
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Concentrations of dissolved organic carbon in peat soils as influenced by land use and site characteristics — A lysimeter study
Abstract The release of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from peatlands implies a loss of sequestered carbon. During the last two decades, an increase of DOC exports in Europe and North America hasExpand
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