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A decimal code for the growth stages of cereals
The decimal code scale for indicating the growth stages of cereals as developed by the authors and published by Eucarpia is explained and described
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Yellow rust on wheat studies in epidemiology and physiologic specialization
  • J. Zadoks
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  • Tijdschrift Over Plantenziekten
  • 1 May 1961
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Inoculum Sources and Genotypic Diversity of Phytophthora infestans in Southern Flevoland, The Netherlands
Genotypic changes in populations of Phytophthora infestans in Southern Flevoland (150 km2) were analysed by characterising isolates from potato refuse piles, conventional and organic potato fields,Expand
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On the conceptual basis of crop loss assessment: the threshold theory
Crop loss has become so broad a subject that a comprehensive review of the topic would be limited to generalities that are rather well known by now (2, 11-13,31,39,88). For this reason, I have chosenExpand
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The integrated concept of disease resistance: A new view including horizontal and vertical resistance in plants
SummaryHorizontal, uniform, race-non-specific or stable resistance can be discerned according to Van der Plank, from vertical, differential, race-specific or unstable resistance by a test in which aExpand
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Development of potato late blight epidemics: disease foci, disease gradients, and infection sources.
ABSTRACT Natural potato late blight epidemics were studied to assess the relative impact of various inoculum sources of Phytophthora infestans in Southern Flevoland (the Netherlands) from 1994Expand
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Global climate change: modelling the potential responses of agro-ecosystems with special reference to crop protection.
Pests and diseases reduce yields to lower levels than those that could have been potentially obtained, given the restrictions of climate, nutrients and crop varieties. Climatic change not onlyExpand
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The Potato Murrain on the European Continent and the Revolutions of 1848
The tale of the Irish Famine, 1845–1849, following the outbreak of potato late blight, has been told repeatedly, but the parallel story of the Continental Famine, 1845–1847, has not yet beenExpand
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Studies in focus development: an optimum theorem for the dual dispersal of plant pathogens.
Many pests and diseases have two or more dispersal mechanisms, differing in dispersal parameters and relative frequencies. However, published studies all refer to models with a single dispersalExpand
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Intelligent deployment of a crop may be a means to reduce its vulnerability. “Crop” as used here means the total host population of an agriculturally grown species within a particular area and timeExpand
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