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Concreteness, imagery, and meaningfulness values for 925 nouns.
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The language of deceit: An investigation of the verbal clues to deception in the interrogation context
We examined the hypothesis that reliable verbal indicators of deception exist in the interrogation context. Participants were recruited for a study addressing “security effectiveness” and eitherExpand
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Some effects of alcohol on eyewitness memory.
Male volunteers (N = 120) in small groups of 5 to 10 watched a staged theft involving live actors. Some (n = 47) were under the influence of alcohol (average blood alcohol level of .10) at the time.Expand
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A case study of eyewitness memory of a crime.
Vingt et un temoins ont observe un echange de coups de feu au cours duquel une personne a ete tuee et une seconde gravement blessee. L'incident s'est produit a un grand carrefour en plein midi.Expand
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The Nature of Real, Implanted, and Fabricated Memories for Emotional Childhood Events: Implications for the Recovered Memory Debate
A central issue in the recovered memory debate is whether it is possible to “remember” a highly emotional incident which never occurred. The present study provided an in-depth investigation of real,Expand
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Inferring Sexually Deviant Behavior From Corresponding Fantasies
There is widespread concern that deviant sexual fantasies promote corresponding behaviors. The authors investigated whether that concern is valid in nonoffender samples. Self-reports of nine deviantExpand
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The systematic assessment of children's testimony.
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Nonholistic processing in mental rotation: Some suggestive evidence
A series of experiments, using a modification of the Shepard and Metzler mental rotation task, was performed to investigate Shepard’s “holistic rotation” hypothesis. Effective figural complexity wasExpand
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Lost but not forgotten details: repeated eyewitness recall leads to reminiscence but not hypermnesia.
In 2 experiments, the effects on participants' memory and confidence of repeatedly describing a videotaped crime and of the opportunity to review a previous description were investigated. E. ScrivnerExpand
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Early psychosis and aggression: predictors and prevalence of violent behaviour amongst individuals with early onset psychosis.
Studies in the area of psychosis and violence to date suggest that those who suffer from psychosis are at higher risk for perpetration of such aggressive behaviours. In fact, it has been suggestedExpand
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