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Automating Image Morphing Using Structural Similarity on a Halfway Domain
The main challenge in achieving good image morphs is to create a map that aligns corresponding image elements. Our aim is to help automate this often tedious task. We compute the map by optimizingExpand
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Novel mutations in CYP51B from Penicillium digitatum involved in prochloraz resistance
Green mold caused by Penicillium digitatum is one of the most serious postharvest diseases of citrus fruit, and it is ubiquitous in all citrus growing regions in the world. Sterol 14α-demethylaseExpand
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Adaptive quantisation for one-bit sigma-delta modulation
A fixed step size is usually used for a quantiser in a sigma-delta modulator or noise shaper, but it cannot always match input signals adequately if they are nonstationary, as in the case of music.Expand
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Systematic Analysis of Hsf Family Genes in the Brassica napus Genome Reveals Novel Responses to Heat, Drought and High CO2 Stresses
Drought and heat stress are major causes of lost plant crop yield. In the future, high levels of CO2, in combination of other abiotic stress factors, will become a novel source of stress. Little isExpand
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Restoration of Brick and Stone Relief from Single Rubbing Images
We present a two-level approach for height map estimation from single images, aiming at restoring brick and stone relief (BSR) from their rubbing images in a visually plausible manner. In ourExpand
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Transgenic expression of delta-6 and delta-15 fatty acid desaturases enhances omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid accumulation in Synechocystis sp. PCC6803
BackgroundPolyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which contain two or more double bonds in their backbone, are the focus of intensive global research, because of their nutritional value, medicinalExpand
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Realistic synthesis of cao shu of Chinese calligraphy
In Chinese calligraphy cao shu is regarded as a kind of free form art which differs from other styles greatly in its less constrained strokes and brush textures. In this paper we present a frameworkExpand
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A Fast Convex Hull Algorithm for Binary Image
Convex hull is widely used in computer graphic, image processing, CAD/CAM and pattern recognition. In this work, we derive some new convex hull properties and then propose a fast algorithm based onExpand
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Computational Aesthetic Evaluation of Logos
Computational aesthetics has become an active research field in recent years, but there have been few attempts in computational aesthetic evaluation of logos. In this article, we restrict our studyExpand
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Convex hull properties and algorithms
Abstract Convex hull (CH) is widely used in computer graphic, image processing, CAD/CAM, and pattern recognition. We investigate CH properties and derive new properties: (1) CH vertices’ coordinatesExpand
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