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A new Lagerstätte from the Middle Ordovician St. Peter Formation in northeast Iowa, USA
A new fossil fauna has been discovered from a recently recognized shale unit within the middle Ordovician St. Peter Formation in northeast Iowa. It contains a variety of invertebrates andExpand
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Modified open-door laminoplasty for treatment of neurological deficits in younger patients with congenital spinal stenosis: analysis of clinical and radiographic data.
OBJECT Multilevel anterior cervical decompressive surgery and fusion effectively treats cervical myeloradiculopathy that is caused by severe cervical spinal stenosis, but degenerative changes atExpand
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Secondary gain influences the outcome of lumbar but not cervical disc surgery.
BACKGROUND The expectation of monetary compensation has been associated with poor outcomes in lumbar discectomy, fueling a reluctance among surgeons to treat worker's compensation cases. This issue,Expand
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Lumbar disc surgery in a fixed compensation population: a model for influence of secondary gain on surgical outcome.
BACKGROUND Reported outcomes in patients undergoing surgical procedures for lumbar disc herniation are poorer in patients eligible for workers' compensation or with pending litigation. In theExpand
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Partial sensory trigeminal rhizotomy at the pons for trigeminal neuralgia.
Microvascular decompression is preferred among open procedures for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. However, in some cases the decompression cannot be performed, either because no significantExpand
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Dorsal third ventricular cyst: an entity distinct from holoprosencephaly.
The treatment and subsequent developmental progress of six children with dorsal third ventricular cysts are described. This cystic malformation has a radiological appearance which is superficiallyExpand
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Deafferentation syndrome in the rat: effects of sex, age, and lesion type.
A deafferentation syndrome can be produced in Sprague-Dawley rats following dorsal root sections. The behavior may be objective evidence of dysesthesias, thus serving as an experimental model toExpand
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A new insulated caudalis nucleus DREZ electrode. Technical note.
A new insulated radiofrequency electrode for making nucleus caudalis dorsal root entry zone lesions reduces the incidence of ataxia.
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Hemangiopericytoma of the sciatic nerve. Case report.
The authors report the case of a hemangiopericytoma arising in a sciatic nerve. It was found to be invasive within the epineurium but sparing surrounding tissues. Adequate resection requiredExpand
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Two-portal endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery: report of early experience.
Endoscopic carpal tunnel release is increasingly performed to treat median nerve entrapment neuropathy at the transverse carpal ligament. Proponents of these procedures claim that there are earlyExpand
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