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Geography, Industrial Organization, and Agglomeration
This paper makes two contributions to the empirical literature on agglomeration economies. First, the paper uses a unique and rich database in conjunction with mapping software to measure theExpand
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Revisiting Economies of Size in American Education: Are We Any Closer to a Consensus?.
Abstract Consolidation remains a common policy recommendation of state governments looking to improve efficiency, especially in rural school districts. However, state policies encouragingExpand
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Discrimination in Metropolitan Housing Markets: National Results from Phase I HDS 2000
Summary of Findings HDS2000 finds that discrimination still persists in both rental and sales markets of large metropolitan areas nationwide, but that its incidence has generally declined since 1989Expand
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The Color of Credit: Mortgage Discrimination, Research Methodology, and Fair-Lending Enforcement
In 2000, homeownership in the United States stood at an all-time high of 67.4 percent, but the homeownership rate was more than 50 percent higher for non-Hispanic whites than for blacks or Hispanics.Expand
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Do lenders discriminate against minority and woman entrepreneurs
This paper draws on a conceptual analysis of discrimination to improve the methodology for estimating discrimination in small-business credit markets and to provide some evidence about the possibleExpand
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Evidence on Discrimination in Consumer Markets
Economists have contributed to the measurement of racial and ethnic discrimination in consumption and to the identification of its causes, especially in housing markets and car sales. To test theExpand
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Chapter 47 Sorting and voting: A review of the literature on urban public finance
This chapter reviews the literature on the boundary between urban economics and local public finance, defined as research that considers both a housing market and the market for local publicExpand
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How Much More Does a Disadvantaged Student Cost
This paper provides a guide to statistically based methods for estimating the extra costs of educating disadvantaged students, shows how these methods are related, and compares state aid programs that account for these costs in different ways. Expand
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The No Child Left Behind Act
The federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) imposes new requirements on state education systems and provides additional education funding. This article estimates education cost functions, predictsExpand
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Now You See It, Now You Don't: Why Do Real Estate Agents Withhold Available Houses from Black Customers?
Potential home buyers may initiate contact with a real estate agent by asking to see a particular advertised house. This paper asks whether an agent's response to such a request depends on the raceExpand
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