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Sentiment analysis: capturing favorability using natural language processing
This paper illustrates a sentiment analysis approach to extract sentiments associated with polarities of positive or negative for specific subjects from a document, instead of classifying the wholeExpand
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Sentiment analyzer: extracting sentiments about a given topic using natural language processing techniques
We present sentiment analyzer (SA) that extracts sentiment (or opinion) about a subject from online text documents. Instead of classifying the sentiment of an entire document about a subject, SAExpand
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Deciphering mobile search patterns: a study of Yahoo! mobile search queries
In this paper we study the characteristics of search queries submitted from mobile devices using various Yahoo! one-Search applications during a 2 months period in the second half of 2007, and reportExpand
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Mobile search pattern evolution: the trend and the impact of voice queries
In this paper we study the characteristics of search queries submitted from mobile devices using Yahoo! Search for Mobile during a 2 months period in early of 2010, and compare the results with aExpand
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Sentiment mining in WebFountain
  • J. Yi, W. Niblack
  • Computer Science
  • 21st International Conference on Data Engineering…
  • 5 April 2005
WebFountain is a platform for very large-scale text analytics applications that allows uniform access to a wide variety of sources. It enables the deployment of a variety of document-level andExpand
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A classifier for semi-structured documents
In this paper, w edescribe a novel text classi er that can e ectiv ely cope with structured documents. We report experiments that compare its performance with that of a wellknown probabilistic classiExpand
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Mining the Web for relations
Abstract The Web is a vast source of information. However, due to the disparate authorship of Web pages, this information is buried in its amorphous and chaotic structure. At the same time, with theExpand
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Predictive model performance: offline and online evaluations
We study the accuracy of evaluation metrics used to estimate the efficacy of predictive models. Offline evaluation metrics are indicators of the expected model performance on real data. However, inExpand
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Query clustering using click-through graph
In this paper we describe a problem of discovering query clusters from a click-through graph of web search logs. The graph consists of a set of web search queries, a set of pages selected for theExpand
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Query clustering based on bid landscape for sponsored search auction optimization
In sponsored search auctions, the auctioneer operates the marketplace by setting a number of auction parameters such as reserve prices for the task of auction optimization. The auction parameters mayExpand
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