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Crop Improvement through Modification of the Plant's Own Genome
Plant genetic engineering has, until now, relied on the incorporation of foreign DNA into plant genomes. Public concern about the extent to which transgenic crops differ from their traditionally bredExpand
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Development of an in planta method for transformation of alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
Conventional methods in transforming alfalfa (Medicago sativa) require multiple tissue culture manipulations that are time-consuming and expensive, while applicable only to a few highly regenerableExpand
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Low-acrylamide French fries and potato chips
Acrylamide is produced in starchy foods that are baked, roasted or fried at high temperatures. Concerns about the potential health issues associated with the dietary intake of this reactive compoundExpand
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Improving potato storage and processing characteristics through all-native DNA transformation.
The dominant potato (Solanum tuberosum) variety for French fry production in the United States is the 131-year-old Russet Burbank. Market penetration of the higher yielding and more uniform RangerExpand
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Engineered native pathways for high kaempferol and caffeoylquinate production in potato.
Flavonols and caffeoylquinates represent important groups of phenolic antioxidants with health-promoting activities. The genetic potential of potato (Solanum tuberosum) to produce high levels ofExpand
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Tuber-specific silencing of the acid invertase gene substantially lowers the acrylamide-forming potential of potato.
Some popular processed foods including French fries contain small amounts of toxic acrylamide. Efforts to lower the accumulation of this reactive compound by modifying the production process have aExpand
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Morphological and molecular changes of maize plants after seeds been flown on recoverable satellite.
  • M. Mei, Y. Qiu, +5 authors J. Ye
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  • Advances in space research : the official journal…
  • 1998
Dry seeds of Zea mays, heterozygous for Lw1/lw1 alleles, sandwiched between nuclear track detectors aboard Chinese satellite for 15 days, were recovered and mutations in morphological characters onExpand
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Plant-Derived Transfer DNAs
The transfer of DNA from Agrobacterium to plant cell nuclei is initiated by a cleavage reaction within the 25-bp right border of Ti plasmids. In an effort to develop all-native DNA transformationExpand
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New Construct Approaches for Efficient Gene Silencing in Plants
An important component of conventional sense, antisense, and double-strand RNA-based gene silencing constructs is the transcriptional terminator. Here, we show that this regulatory element becomesExpand
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Selection of a Nicotiana plumbaginifolia universal hybridizer and its use in intergeneric somatic hybrid formation
SummaryA Nicotiana plumbaginifolia cell strain carrying a positive (dominant) trait, resistance to azetidine-2-carboxylate (A2C), was selected in strain NX1 which lacked nitrate reductase activity (aExpand
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