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SURF1, encoding a factor involved in the biogenesis of cytochrome c oxidase, is mutated in Leigh syndrome
Leigh Syndrome (LS) is a severe neurological disorder characterized by bilaterally symmetrical necrotic lesions in subcortical brain regions that is commonly associated with systemic cytochrome cExpand
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Identification of Novel Bovine Cumulus Cell Molecular Markers Predictive of Oocyte Competence: Functional and Diagnostic Implications1
Abstract The present study was undertaken to discover molecular markers in bovine cumulus cells predictive of oocyte competence and to elucidate their functional significance. Differences in RNAExpand
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Single nucleotide polymorphism discovery in rainbow trout by deep sequencing of a reduced representation library
BackgroundTo enhance capabilities for genomic analyses in rainbow trout, such as genomic selection, a large suite of polymorphic markers that are amenable to high-throughput genotyping protocols mustExpand
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Identification and molecular characterization of the rainbow trout calpains (Capn1 and Capn2): their expression in muscle wasting during starvation.
Calpains are calcium regulated proteases involved in cellular functions that include muscle proteolysis both ante- and postmortem. Here, we describe the molecular characterization of the rainbowExpand
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Effect of starvation on global gene expression and proteolysis in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
BackgroundFast, efficiently growing animals have increased protein synthesis and/or reduced protein degradation relative to slow, inefficiently growing animals. Consequently, minimizing the energeticExpand
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MicroRNA-196a regulates bovine newborn ovary homeobox gene (NOBOX) expression during early embryogenesis
BackgroundOocyte-derived maternal RNAs drive early embryogenesis when the newly formed embryo is transcriptionally inactive. Recent studies in zebrafish have identified the role of microRNAs duringExpand
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A MicroRNA Repertoire for Functional Genome Research in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, highly conserved, non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression of target mRNAs through cleavage or translational inhibition. miRNAs are most often identified throughExpand
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Cloning and analysis of fetal ovary microRNAs in cattle.
Ovarian folliculogenesis and early embryogenesis are complex processes, which require tightly regulated expression and interaction of a multitude of genes. Small endogenous RNA molecules, termedExpand
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Role of Importin Alpha8, a New Member of the Importin Alpha Family of Nuclear Transport Proteins, in Early Embryonic Development in Cattle1
Abstract Nuclear proteins such as transcription and chromatin remodeling factors are required for initiation of transcription in early embryos before embryonic genome activation. The nuclearExpand
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JY-1, an oocyte-specific gene, regulates granulosa cell function and early embryonic development in cattle
Oocyte-specific gene products play a key role in regulation of fertility in mammals. Here, we describe the discovery, molecular characterization, and function of JY-1, a bovine oocyte-expressed geneExpand
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