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Leaching copper from shredded particles of waste printed circuit boards.
Leaching copper from shredded particles of waste printed circuit boards (PCBs) was carried out in sulfuric acid solution using hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant at room temperature. The influence ofExpand
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Analysis of chimney height for solar chimney power plant
Abstract Current in solar chimney power plant that drives turbine generators to generate electricity is driven by buoyancy resulting from higher temperature than the surroundings at differentExpand
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One‐Part Geopolymers Based on Thermally Treated Red Mud/NaOH Blends
In this study, one-part “just add water” geopolymer binders are synthesized through the alkali-thermal activation of the red mud which is relatively rich in both alumina and calcium. Calcination ofExpand
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Application of Bayer red mud for iron recovery and building material production from alumosilicate residues.
Red mud is a solid waste produced in the process of alumina extraction from bauxite. In this paper, recovery iron from Bayer red mud was studied with direct reduction roasting process followed byExpand
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Preparation of load-bearing building materials from autoclaved phosphogypsum
Abstract Previous studies have been carried out on calcined phosphogypsum (PG) for making the building materials. The present study was focused on autoclaved PG and its use in making load-bearingExpand
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Simulation of a pilot solar chimney thermal power generating equipment
A pilot experimental solar chimney thermal power generating equipment was set up in China. A simulation study was carried out to investigate the performance of the power generating system based on aExpand
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Enhanced Cr(VI) removal from acidic solutions using biochar modified by Fe3O4@SiO2-NH2 particles.
Fe3O4@SiO2-NH2 magnetic particles with core-shell structure were attached on carboxylated biochar derived from phoenix tree leaves to synthesize a novel magnetic biochar for removing Cr(VI) ions fromExpand
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Study on two operating conditions of a full-scale oxidation ditch for optimization of energy consumption and effluent quality by using CFD model.
The operating condition of an oxidation ditch (OD) has significant impact on energy consumption and effluent quality of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). An experimentally validated numericalExpand
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Experimental study of temperature field in a solar chimney power setup
A pilot experimental solar chimney power setup consisted of an air collector 10 m in diameter and an 8 m tall chimney has been built. The temperature distribution in the solar chimney power setup wasExpand
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Evaluation on Hydration Reactivity of Reactive Magnesium Oxide Prepared by Calcining Magnesite at Lower Temperatures
Three methods were used to evaluate hydration reactivity of calcined magnesite products. Both conventional citric acid coloration reactivity test (index of CT) and MgO hydration conversion methodExpand
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