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Chromosome location of the gene for brittle rachis in the Tibetan weedrace of common wheat
The brittle rachis of the Tibetan weedrace (Triticum aestivum var. tibetanum) was found to be governed by a single dominant gene on the short arm of chromosome 3D. The new brittle rachis gene wasExpand
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Kengyilia: synopsis and key to species
Kengyilia Yen and Yang is a new genus in the Triticeae from west China. It is similar to Roegneria C. Koch, from which it differs by the erect spikes with dense arrangement of spikelets and theExpand
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Synopsis of Leymus Hochst. (Triticeae: Poaceae)
Leymus is a genus in the Triticeae tribe, Poaceae. The taxa of this genus are allopolyploid species which possess the Ns and Xm genomes. According to cytological, cytogenetic and molecular geneticExpand
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Morphology and cytology of intergeneric hybrids involvingLeymus multicaulis (Poaceae)
The morphology and meiotic behaviour of pollen mother cells were studied in hybrids involvingLeymus multicaulis (2n = 28) ×Psathyrostachys huashanica (2n = 14),L. multicaulis ×P. juncea (2n = 14),Expand
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Kengyilia gobicola, a new taxon from west China
Kengyilia gobicola is a new taxon from west China. It has P, S, and Y genomes different from Roegneria and Elymus, and is closely related to Roegneria and Agropyron. In this paper, the morphologicalExpand
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The diversity of head-scab resistance in Triticeae and their relation to ecological conditions
Abstract1507 accessions from 93 species of 18 genera in Triticeae were screened for resistance to initial infection and resistance to pathogen spread with multi-floret and single-floret injectionExpand
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Taxonomy of the Genus Triticum L.
Stepping into the twenty-first century, researches on Triticum and its relative genera have passed three centuries. Many scientists from all over the world have been preoccupied with theExpand
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We document diagnostic characteristics of Roegneria by which it differs from genera with which it has often been confused. Characteristics of Roegneria are the absence of underground runners;Expand
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Cytogenetic analyses inKengyilia laxiflora (Poaceae, Triticeae)
Kengyilia laxiflora (2n = 42) was cytogenetically studied with testersK. hirsuta (2n = 42, PPStStYY) andRoegneria kamoji (2n = 42, HHStStYY). Our data suggested thatK. laxiflora may possess aExpand
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Intermeiocyte Connections and Cytomixis in Intergeneric Hybrid of Roegneria ciliaris (Trin.) Nevski with Psathyrostachys huashanica Keng
The F1 intergeneric hybrids of Psathyrostachys huashanica Keng with Roegneria ciliaris (Trin.) Nevski was made and cytologically studied. Chromatin transfer through conjugation tube or conjugationExpand
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