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Calculation of protein conformation from circular dichroism.
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses some recent developments in the estimation of various conformations in a protein molecule from its circular dichroism (CD) spectrum in the ultraviolet region.Expand
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Two-Point Calibration of Circular Dichrometer with d-10-Camphorsulfonic Acid
Abstract The circular dichroism (CD) of d-10-camphorsulfonic acid (CSA) in terms of ∊L - ∊R is 2.36 and -4.72 cm2 mmol−1 at 290.5 and 192.5 nm, respectively. The corresponding molar ellipticities,Expand
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Determination of Protein Secondary Structure
Circular dichroism (CD) is one of the most sensitive physical techniques for determining structures and monitoring structural changes of biomolecules. It can directly interpret the changes of proteinExpand
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Circular dichroic analysis of protein conformation: inclusion of the beta-turns.
The mean residue ellipticity, [theta], at any wavelength, lambda, of a protein in aqueous solution is expressed as [theta]lambda = fH[theta]H infinity(1-k/n) + f beta[theta]beta + ft[theta]t +Expand
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A new approach to the calculation of secondary structures of globular proteins by optical rotatory dispersion and circular dichroism.
  • Y. Chen, J. Yang
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  • 17 September 1971
Summary The rotatory contributions can be written as X = ΣfiXi, where the subscripts i = H, β and R represent the fractions of the helix, β-form and unordered form. X can be the bo of the MoffittExpand
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Impact of gate-induced drain leakage on retention time distribution of 256 Mbit DRAM with negative wordline bias
A negative wordline bias scheme is utilized to reduce the subthreshold leakage of deep submicron DRAM cell transistors. With excessive negative wordline bias, gate-induced drain leakage (GIDL) couldExpand
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Interaction of sodium decyl sulfate with poly(L‐ornithine) and poly(L‐lysine) in aqueous solution
The binding isotherms of sodium decyl sulfate to poly(L‐ornithine), poly(D,L‐ornithine), and poly(L‐lysine) at neutral pH were determined potentiometrically. The nature of a highly cooperativeExpand
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A computerized calibration of the circular dichrometer.
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