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Effect of dietary lipids and cholesterol on the levels and synthesis of some hepatic lipid components of young chickens.
It is demonstrated that chicken liver responds to the ingestion of cholesterol differently, depending on the type of fat consumed, as well as the levels and synthesis of lipid fractions of liver of young chickens on a saturated or unsaturated diet with or without cholesterol. Expand
Utilization of sweet potatoes in controlled ecological life support systems (CELSS).
Early and late maturing sweet potato varieties were studied in hydroponic systems of different types--static with periodic replacement, flowing with and without recirculation, aggregate, and non-aggregate, and significant cultivar differences were found in all systems studied. Expand
Degradation of 1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl) ethane by HeLa S cells.
Biological degradation and composition of inedible sweetpotato biomass.
In the studies conducted with biodegradative microorganism indigenous to sweetpotato fields, it was determined that a particle size of 75 microns and incubation temperature of 30 degrees C were optimal for degradation. Expand
Consumer acceptance of vegetarian sweet potato products intended for space missions.
Because of their nutritional adequacy and consumer acceptability, these products are being recommended to NASA's Advanced Life Support Program for inclusion in a vegetarian menu plan designed for lunar/Mars space missions. Expand
Sweet potato in a vegetarian menu plan for NASA's Advanced Life Support Program.
It is suggested that sweet potato products can be used successfully in menus developed for space with the added benefit of increased nutrient value and dietary variety. Expand
Comparative studies of cholesterol and diethylstilbestrol on hepatic fatty and amino acid metabolism in chickens.
The hepatic fatty and amino acid changes in young chickens on similar treatments for eight weeks are described, showing increased linoleic acid to a greater extent in young turkeys than in cockerels on a corn oil diet. Expand
Characteristics and composition of peanut oil prepared by an aqueous extraction method.
The oil prepared by this aqueous method appeared to be of high quality, and gas and thin-layer chromatographic analyses showed that fatty acid and lipid profiles were similar to the commercial peanut oil. Expand
Ethanol production from dilute acid hydrolyzate of sawdust treated with hydrogen peroxide
Sawdust was hydrolyzed with 1% H2SO4 to produce fermentable sugars which were fermented to ethanol by Saccharomyces uvarum NRRL 978 and Pachysolen tannophilus NRRL 2460. The hydrolysis conditionsExpand