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Forest transitions: towards a global understanding of land use change
Places experience forest transitions when declines in forest cover cease and recoveries in forest cover begin. Forest transitions have occurred in two, sometimes overlapping circumstances. In someExpand
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Maxent modeling for predicting the potential distribution of medicinal plant, Justicia adhatoda L. in Lesser Himalayan foothills
The population of the medicinal plant, Malabar nut (Justicia adhatoda L) is shrinking in Dun valley due to habitat fragmentation, invasion by Lantana camara, over-exploitation, and an ever-increasingExpand
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The Rubber Juggernaut
The demise of swidden cultivation in Southeast Asia may have devastating environmental consequences. Rubber plantations are expanding rapidly throughout montane mainland Southeast Asia (1–3). MoreExpand
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Biodiversity impact analysis in northwest Yunnan, southwest China
This paper reports the main findings of a study on the factors threatening biodiversity in northwest Yunnan, a global biodiversity ‘hotspot’ in China and home to over five million people. TheExpand
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China's new forests aren't as green as they seem
  • J. Xu
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  • 21 September 2011
Impressive reports of increased forest cover mask a focus on non-native tree crops that could damage the ecosystem, says Jianchu Xu.
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Functional Links Between Biodiversity, Livelihoods, and Culture in a Hani Swidden Landscape in Southwest China
The landscape of Mengsong, southwest China, was biologically diverse until recently due to historical biogeographical processes overlain by the swidden-cultivation practices of the Hani who migratedExpand
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Integrating Sacred Knowledge for Conservation: Cultures and Landscapes in Southwest China
China is undergoing economic growth and expansion to a free market economy at a scale and pace that are unprecedented in human history. This is placing great pressure on the country's environment andExpand
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No . 0105 The causes of land-use and landcover change : Moving beyond the myths
Common understanding of the causes of land-use and land-cover change is dominated by simplifications which, in turn, underlie many environment-development policies. This article tracks some of theExpand
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Characterization of Drought Development through Remote Sensing: A Case Study in Central Yunnan, China
This study assesses the applicability of remote sensing data for retrieval of key drought indicators including the degree of moisture deficiency, drought duration and areal extent of drought within different land cover types across the landscape. Expand
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Effects of Vegetation Restoration on Soil Conservation and Sediment Loads in China: A Critical Review
China has been one of the countries suffering from the most serious soil erosion, which has severely degraded soil productivity and water quality, thus affecting agricultural activities and hinderingExpand
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