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Chromaticity-based separation of reflection components in a single image
This paper proposes a simple and effective method to separate reflections in a color image based on the error analysis of chromaticity and appropriate selection of body color for each pixel by solving the least-squares problem of the dichromatic reflection model. Expand
Investigation of human's emotional responses on colors
This article investigates human's emotional responses on colors based on a psychophysical experiment. Totally 218 color samples were evaluated by 70 subjects based on 12 basic descriptive variablesExpand
Surface functionalization of cellulose fibers with titanium dioxide nanoparticles and their combined bactericidal activities
A well-adherent surface of titanium oxide nanoparticles was produced on cellulose fibers at low temperature from an aqueous titania sol that was obtained via hydrolysis and condensation reactions ofExpand
A New Approach to UV-Blocking Treatment for Cotton Fabrics
In this study, a new approach to a uv-blocking treatment for cotton fabrics is developed using the sol-gel method. The treatment forms a thin layer of titania on the surface of cotton fibers, and theExpand
Analysis of cross‐cultural color emotion
This study investigates the relationship between color perceptual attributes and color emotions, as well as the influence of different cultural backgrounds. Totally 214 color samples were evaluatedExpand
A durable flame retardant for cellulosic fabrics
Abstract A novel halogen- and formaldehyde-free flame retardant named Neo-FR was synthesized and applied to cellulosic fabrics. The chemical structure of the flame retardant was characterized byExpand
Spectral characterization of a color scanner by adaptive estimation.
  • Hui-Liang Shen, J. Xin
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Journal of the Optical Society of America. A…
  • 1 July 2004
A new method of spectral characterization for color scanners by the use of adaptive estimation is proposed. It deals with estimation of high-dimensional reflectance vectors from low-dimensionalExpand
Facile preparation of anatase/SiO2 spherical nanocomposites and their application in self-cleaning textiles
Anatase TiO2/SiO2 nanocomposites were prepared by a sol–gel process at a low temperature. The structural properties of these as-prepared nanocomposites were characterized with scanning electronExpand
Cross-regional comparison of colour emotions Part II: Qualitative analysis
Colour emotion is a feeling or emotion induced in our brains when we look at a colour. In this article, the colour emotional responses obtained by conducting visual experiments in different regions,Expand
A novel halogen‐free and formaldehyde‐free flame retardant for cotton fabrics
SUMMARY A novel halogen-free and formaldehyde-free flame retardant (FR), which contains phosphorus, nitrogen, and silicon, was synthesized for cotton fabrics considering the synergistic effect ofExpand