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Predicting shelf-life of chilled pork sold in China
Abstract Three methods for defining or assessing the shell life of chilled pork sold in China were evaluated in this study. These methods included evaluation of sensory parameters of meat spoilageExpand
Consumers’ preferences for fresh broccolis: interactive effects between country of origin and organic labels
While international trade in organic products has grown significantly, understanding consumers’ preferences for imported organic foods has remained limited. This research examines the impact ofExpand
Antioxidant activity of xanthan oligosaccharides prepared by different degradation methods.
The XGOS-B exhibited better antioxidant activity than XG OS-A especially the different contents of pyruvate acid and reducing sugar and these results may be related to the different structure properties of XgOS-A and XGos-B. Expand
A comprehensive assessment of MODIS-derived GPP for forest ecosystems using the site-level FLUXNET database
Accurate and continuous monitoring of forest production is critical for quantifying the dynamics of regional-to-global carbon cycles. MOD17A2 provides high frequency observations of terrestrial grossExpand
Delay ripening of ‘Qingnai’ plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.) with 1-methylcyclopropene
It is suggested that 1-MCP treatment may be useful for maintaining the fruit quality and extending the postharvest shelf-life of ‘Qingnai’ plums. Expand
Public Private Partnership Implementation in China
Introduction China’s experience with adopting the privately financed procurement of public service facilities originated in the urbanisation process and the tremendous economic growth that createdExpand
Rapeseed Seedling Stand Counting and Seeding Performance Evaluation at Two Early Growth Stages Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
Practical and rapid remote sensing methods for early growth stage stand counting and mechanical seeding performance evaluation at early growth stages are developed and the feasibility of using the methods is demonstrated. Expand
Ten-year variability in ecosystem water use efficiency in an oak-dominated temperate forest under a warming climate
Abstract The impacts of extreme weather events on water–carbon (C) coupling and ecosystem-scale water use efficiency (WUE) over a long term are poorly understood. We analyzed the changes in ecosystemExpand
Innovation Beyond Firm Boundaries: Common Blockholders, Strategic Alliances, and Corporate Innovation
We analyze the role of common equity blockholders in fostering the formation of strategic alliances, establish a positive causal effect of strategic alliances on corporate innovation, and analyze theExpand