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Pattern recognition of Chinese flue-cured tobaccos by an improved and simplified K-nearest neighbors classification algorithm on near infrared spectra.
In tobacco industry of China, tobacco leaves are classified and managed in terms of their cultivation areas and plant parts of tobacco-stalks. However, sometimes intentionally or involuntaryExpand
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Synthesis of Oleanolic Acid Dimers as Inhibitors of Glycogen Phosphorylase
Recently, oleanolic acid was found to be an inhibitor of glycogen phosphorylase. For further structural modification, we have synthesized several dimers of oleanolic acid by using amide, ester, orExpand
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Synthesis of orthogonally protected cyclic homooligomers from sugar amino acids.
Two new families of orthogonally protected cyclic homooligomers with two to four sugar units were synthesized from pyranoid sugar amino acids. Cyclic oligomers composed of amide-linked sugar aminoExpand
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Integrated honeycomb structure of a beetle forewing and its imitation
Abstract On the basis of past studies on the structures of beetle forewings, we have devised an approach to construct honeycomb plates in the form of an integrated body. We solve the problemsExpand
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QUBIC: a bioconductor package for qualitative biclustering analysis of gene co‐expression data
Motivation: Biclustering is widely used to identify co‐expressed genes under subsets of all the conditions in a large‐scale transcriptomic dataset. The program, QUBIC, is recognized as one of theExpand
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Synthesis and Properties of Carbohydrate-Based BODIPY-Functionalised Fluorescent Macrocycles
Carbohydrate-based 23- to 28-membered BODIPY-containing macrocycles have been efficiently synthesised from alkyne-functionalised BODIPY acid, C-glucosyl azido amine, and amino acids by employingExpand
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Click Chemistry to Fluorescent Amino Esters: Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies
A new series of fluorescent amino esters have successfully been prepared by click chemistry by introducing different fluorophores (fluorescein, dansyl, 4-nitro-2,1,3-benzoxadiazole, coumarin andExpand
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Stem-loop DNA-assisted silicon nanowires-based biochemical sensors with ultra-high sensitivity, specificity, and multiplexing capability.
A class of stem-loop DNA-assisted silicon nanowires (SiNWs)-based fluorescent biosensor is presented in this report. Significantly, the sensor enables rapid and sensitive detection of DNA targetsExpand
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Photoswitchable Arene Ruthenium Complexes Containing o-Sulfonamide Azobenzene Ligands
A series of arene ruthenium complexes containing o-sulfonamide azobenzene ligands were synthesized and found to exhibit uncommon coordination pattern with an exocyclic N═N bond. Upon irradiation,Expand
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Beetle elytron plate and the synergistic mechanism of a trabecular-honeycomb core structure
For the development of lightweight biomimetic materials, the compressive properties of the beetle elytron plate (BEP, a type of biomimetic sandwich plate inspired from beetle elytra) and theExpand
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