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Synthesis of High-Quality Mesoporous MCM-41 Templated CTAB in Nonaqueous System
Abstract A new approach for the synthesis of mesoporous molecular sieves was reported in this paper. In the nonaqueous system of Na2O/TEOS/CTAB/glycerol, the high-quality mesoporous MCM-41 was easilyExpand
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[Studies on the active constituents of Anemarrhena asphodeloides bunge].
From the ethanol extract of the Anemarrhena asphodeloides Buge (Liliaceae), a new steroidal suponin anemarsaponin B and two known saponins anemarsaponin A1 and A2 were isolated. On the basis ofExpand
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Cetyltriethylammonium Bromide for Large Pore Mesoporous Silicas MCM-41 Preparation
Abstract Mesoporous silicas MCM-41 with larger and variable pore size were synthesized hydrothermally by using cetyltriethylammonium bromide (CTEAB) which has a larger hydrophilic head-group comparedExpand
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Excimer-laser-induced permanent electrical conductivity in solid C60 films
After being irradiated in air by a XeCI (308 nm) excimer laser, the electrical conductivity of solid thin-film C60 has been improved by more than six orders of magnitudes. The products resulting fromExpand
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Preparation of nanometer titanium oxide with n-butanol supercritical drying
Abstract n-Butanol supercritical drying technique was developed to prepare nanometer particles. The procedure mainly consisted of sol preparation, filtering as well as washing, replacement of waterExpand
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An SU(6) Grand Unified Model
Abstract : A model of grand unified theory based on SU(6) gauge group is proposed. It can accommodate two generations of ordinary fermions with V-A weak coupling and two generations of weird fermionsExpand
A Web-Based Platform for Modular Design of Intelligent Instrument Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
The design of new products is a creative work based on designer’s knowledge or experience. This paper develops a web-based design platform for intelligent instrument with the technology of Java andExpand
Crystallization process of zeolite ZSM-5 and zeolite ZSM-35 in a special autoclave
By use of a special autoclave, the crystallization process of the dehydrated amorphous gels was studied in the Na2OAl2O3SiO2− ethylenediamine (EDA) — triethylamine (Et3N) — H2O system. In one run,Expand
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