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The complete work of Charles Darwin online
  • J. Wyhe
  • Biology
    Notes and Records of the Royal Society
  • 22 January 2006
His theory of evolution by natural selection, now the unifying theory of biology, explained how all of the astonishingly diverse kinds of living things in the world are related.
Phrenology and the Origins of Victorian Scientific Naturalism
Contents: Introduction The evolution of phrenology in Britain The nature of controversies Authority over man's constitution The receptions of The Constitution of Man Epidemics of phrenological
The authority of human nature: the Schädellehre of Franz Joseph Gall.
: This essay is the first account in English to examine Franz Joseph Gall and the origins of phrenology. In doing so a host of legends about Gall and the beginnings of phrenology, which exist only in
A Delicate Adjustment: Wallace and Bates on the Amazon and “The Problem of the Origin of Species”
There was a very sudden and dramatic shift in the way species were thought of and discussed after Darwin's Origin of species appeared and something called “the problem of the origin of species” never occurred before Darwin’s book but exploded in frequency immediately after it.
Combe's constitution of man, and nineteenth-century responses
Volume 1 George Combe, "The Constitution of Man", 8th edition, 1847. Volumes 2 & 3 19th century responses.
Mind the gap: did Darwin avoid publishing his theory for many years?
It is widely believed that Charles Darwin avoided publishing his theory of evolution for many years. Many explanations have been proposed to identify Darwin’s reasons or motives for doing so. This
Was phrenology a reform science? Towards a new generalization for phrenology.
  • J. Wyhe
  • Biology
    History of science; an annual review of…
  • 1 September 2004
In this essay I argue that the general characterization of phrenology should not be that phrenology was a reform science, as is a common view today, but that phrenology was a science of personal