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CoMFA validation of the superposition of six classes of compounds which block GABA receptors non-competitively
To test the validity of the combined superposition, a Comparative Molecular Field Analysis was carried out within SYBYL, using recently published in vivo and in vitro binding data for insecticides to show a significant statistical correlation with the published biological data.
Uncoupler resistance in E. coli Tuv and Cuv is due to the exclusion of uncoupler by the outer membrane.
Measurement of the periplasmic volume indicates that the outer membrane of Doc S is freely permeable to both TPP+ and hydroxymethylinulin, and Tuv and Cuv are able to exclude these compounds.
Putative Pharmacophores for Flexible Pyrethroid Insecticides
In any study of structure/activity relationships based on computational chemistry, it is necessary to postulate an appropriate structure on which the study is to be based. Previous investigations