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Quantum diffusion in spin chains with phase space methods.
Connecting short-time microscopic dynamics with long-time hydrodynamics in strongly correlated quantum systems is one of the outstanding questions. In particular, it is hard to determine variousExpand
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Cluster Truncated Wigner Approximation in Strongly Interacting Systems
We present a general method by which linear quantum Hamiltonian dynamics with exponentially many degrees of freedom is replaced by approximate classical nonlinear dynamics with the number of degreesExpand
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Bounds on MAXCUT QAOA performance for p>1
We obtain worst case performance guarantees for $p=2$ and $3$ QAOA for MAXCUT on uniform 3-regular graphs. Previous work by Farhi et al obtained a lower bound on the approximation ratio of $0.692$Expand
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Internet Spaceships are Serious Business : Econophysics of EVE Online
In this paper the economic system of the on-line multiplayer game “EVE Online” is analyzed and compared with real economic systems. Using a publicly-available dataset of asks and bids in the primaryExpand
Emergent conservation laws and nonthermal states in the mixed-field Ising model
This paper presents a method of computing approximate conservation laws and eigenstates of integrability-broken models using the concept of adiabatic continuation. Given some Hamiltonian, eigenstatesExpand
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Oz Scheduler: a workbench for scheduling problems
  • J. Wurtz
  • Proceedings Eighth IEEE International Conference…
  • 1996
This paper describes the Oz Scheduler; a workbench for scheduling problems. Through a graphical interface, the user can freely combine the elements that define a scheduling strategy. Such elementsExpand
Variational Schrieffer-Wolff transformations for quantum many-body dynamics
Building on recent results for adiabatic gauge potentials, we propose a variational approach for computing the generator of Schrieffer-Wolff transformations. These transformations consist of blockExpand
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