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Ultrasonic-assisted Aqueous Extraction and Physicochemical Characterization of Oil from Clanis bilineata.
Ultrasound-assisted aqueous extraction (UAAE) was used to extract oil from Clanis bilineata (CB), a traditional edible insect that can be reared on a large scale in China, and the physicochemicalExpand
Developing a pathway-independent and full-autonomous global resource allocation strategy to dynamically switching phenotypic states
A pathway-independent dynamic resource allocation strategy which could pathway-independently and globally self-regulate two desired cell phenotypes including growth and production phenotypes could totally eliminate the need for human supervision of the entire fermentation. Expand
Influence of Scattering on Laser Communication
It turns out that the signal degradation caused by atmosphere scattering is stronger as the work wavelength turn longer, laser signal attenuation decreases with the increase of visibility, and the signal degraded improve as increasing transmitting distance, so choosing long work wavelength, short transmitting distance and good visibility can improve the quality of laser communication. Expand
A kind of double-sided porous anodic alumina membrane fabricated with the three-step anodic oxidation method
The porous anodic alumina membranes (PAAMs) have been successfully used as templates for the fabrication of functional nano-materials due to their outstanding regularity and physicochemicalExpand
Interfacial characterization of metal deposited silicon wafer surfaces
The presence of trace quantities of metal contaminants on silicon substrates is well known to have catastrophic effects on both devices performance and process yield in the VLSI and ULSI deviceExpand
Recent Advances in Screening Lithium Solid-State Electrolytes Through Machine Learning
Compared to liquid electrolytes, lithium solid-state electrolytes have received increased attention in the field of all-solid-state lithium ion batteries due to safety requirements and higher energyExpand
The imaging of chemical samples with a scanning near-field infrared microscope
The imaging research of chemical samples by using a scanning near-field infrared microscope( SNIM) was described in this paper. And this microscope use Beijing Free Electron Laser as its illuminatingExpand