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Effects of near-fault seismic loadings on run-out of large-scale landslide: A case study
This study presents the run-out analysis of the Daguangbao landslides subjected to near-fault multi-direction earthquake forces using discontinuous deformation analysis (DDA). The DaguangbaoExpand
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Heat Waves in China: Definitions, Leading Patterns, and Connections to Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation and SSTs
Based on the daily maximum temperatures (Tmax) from 587 surface observation stations in China during 1959–2013, heat waves are detected using both absolute and relative definitions. TheExpand
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Lattice Boltzmann model for Coulomb-driven flows in dielectric liquids.
In this paper, we developed a unified lattice Boltzmann model (LBM) to simulate electroconvection in a dielectric liquid induced by unipolar charge injection. Instead of solving the complex set ofExpand
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Structural stability and topological surface states of the SnTe (111) surface
We perform first-principles calculations to study the stability and electronic structure of the (111) surface of SnTe, a representative topological crystalline insulator (TCI). We find three stableExpand
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GIS-based numerical modelling of debris flow motion across three-dimensional terrain
The objective of this study is to incorporate a numerical model with GIS to simulate the movement, erosion and deposition of debris flow across the three dimensional complex terrain. In light of theExpand
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Study of Vortex Characteristics of the Flow Around a Horizontal Circular Cylinder at Various Gap-Ratios in the Cross-Flow
In the gap-ratio range of 0.0≤G≤7.0, a particle image velocimetry PIV is applied to conduct a systematic experimental research of the flow around a horizontal circular cylinder in the cross-flow ofExpand
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Coherence length of a Gaussian-Schell beam and atmospheric turbulence
Abstract The theoretical relationship between the coherence length and phase-front randomness is analysed using a Gaussian-Schell source and beam model for light propagating through a turbulentExpand
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Numerical Simulation in Rockfall Analysis: A Close Comparison of 2-D and 3-D DDA
Accurate estimation of rockfall trajectory and motion behaviors is essential for rockfall risk assessment and the design and performance evaluation of preventive structures. Numerical simulationExpand
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Calculations of total electron-impact ionization cross sections for Fluoroketone C5F10O and Fluoronitrile C4F7N using modified Deutsch–Märk formula
Both fluoroketone C5F10O and fluoronitrile C4F7N are promising substitute gases for SF6. The electron-impact ionization cross sections for these two gases are calculated using the Deutsch–Mark (DM)Expand
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Observation of VHF incoherent scatter spectra disturbed by HF heating
Abstract We report on EISCAT ionospheric heating experiments carried out on 13 September 2010 at Tromso, Norway. This paper focuses on the long-lasting enhanced ion- and plasma-lines observed by theExpand
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