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Formation and destruction of microbial biomass during the decomposition of glucose and ryegrass in soil
14C-labelled glucose or ryegrass was incubated (aerobieally, at 25°C; each substrate added at either 500 or 5000 μg C g−1 soil) with soil from permanent grassland. Soil microbial biomass was measuredExpand
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Seasonal responses in microbial biomass carbon, phosphorus and sulphur in soils under pasture
Abstract The response of the soil microbial biomass to seasonal changes was investigated in the field under pastures. These studies showed that over a 9-month period, microbial biomass carbon,Expand
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Significant Role for Microbial Autotrophy in the Sequestration of Soil Carbon
ABSTRACT Soils were incubated for 80 days in a continuously labeled 14CO2 atmosphere to measure the amount of labeled C incorporated into the microbial biomass. Microbial assimilation of 14C differedExpand
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Atmospheric dry and wet nitrogen deposition on three contrasting land use types of an agricultural catchment in subtropical central China
Abstract Atmospheric emissions of reactive nitrogen (N) species are at high levels in China in recent years, but few studies have employed N deposition monitoring techniques that measure both dry andExpand
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Contrasting effects of straw and straw-derived biochar amendments on greenhouse gas emissions within double rice cropping systems
Abstract The amendment of biochar derived from crop residues to soil has been proposed as a potential mitigation strategy for tackling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in cropping systems. A fieldExpand
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Long‐term balanced fertilization increases the soil microbial functional diversity in a phosphorus‐limited paddy soil
The influence of long‐term chemical fertilization on soil microbial communities has been one of the frontier topics of agricultural and environmental sciences and is critical for linking soilExpand
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Effects of biochar amendment on the net greenhouse gas emission and greenhouse gas intensity in a Chinese double rice cropping system
The impacts of biochar amendment on the net greenhouse gas emission (NGHGE) and greenhouse gas intensity (GHGI) of double rice cropping systems are not well examined. In this study, a fieldExpand
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Agro-C: A biogeophysical model for simulating the carbon budget of agroecosystems
We developed a biogeophysical model called Agro-C to assess the regional carbon budgets of agroecosystems on a large scale. The model consists of two submodels, Crop-C and Soil-C. Crop-C simulatesExpand
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Biological perchlorate reduction in high-salinity solutions.
Perchlorate (ClO4-) has been detected in numerous ground and surface waters, and has recently been added to the drinking water Candidate Contaminant List in the United States. Perchlorate can beExpand
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Turnover of biomass C and P in soil following incorporation of glucose or ryegrass
Abstract The turnover times of soil microbial biomass carbon (biomass C) and phosphorus (biomass P) were estimated from the declines in biomass 14C and 32P following the addition to soil ofExpand
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