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Efficiency improvement in charge pump circuits
This paper proposes a level shifter design that also functions as a frequency converter to automatically vary the switching frequency of a dual charge pump circuit according to the loading. Expand
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A 723-MHz 17.2-mW CMOS programmable counter
A high-speed complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) programmable divide-by-N frequency divider was proposed. Expand
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A class-B output buffer for flat-panel-display column driver
This paper presents a low static power, large output swing, and wide operating voltage range class-B output buffer amplifier for driving the large column line capacitance in a flat-panel display. Expand
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A Monolithic Current-Mode Buck Converter With Advanced Control and Protection Circuits
A monolithic current-mode pulse width modulation (PWM) step-down dc-dc converter with 96.7% peak efficiency and advanced control and protection circuits is presented in this paper. The highExpand
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A ripple control buck regulator with fixed output frequency
This paper presents a ripple control buck regulator for stepping down high-voltage adaptor or battery supplies to low-voltage CPU core supply in notebook computers. Methods and circuits are proposedExpand
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A process and temperature compensated ring oscillator
  • Y. Shyu, J. Wu
  • Materials Science
  • AP-ASIC'99. First IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on…
  • 23 August 1999
An on-chip oscillator with small frequency variation in a digital 0.6 /spl mu/m CMOS technology is described. The oscillator utilizes a bias technique to compensate for the influences on theExpand
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Analysis on effect of permafrost protection by two-phase closed thermosyphon and insulation jointly in permafrost regions
Abstract Warm and ice-rich permafrost is widely distributed along the Qinghai–Tibetan railway, which is very sensitive to the environmental change. To protect the permafrost from thawing, we haveExpand
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Design of dynamic-floating-gate technique for output ESD protection in deep-submicron CMOS technology
A novel dynamic-floating-gate technique is proposed to improve ESD robustness of the CMOS output buAers with small driving/sinking currents. This dynamic-floating-gate design can eAectively solve theExpand
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A reverse-voltage protection circuit for MOSFET power switches
A new built-in reverse voltage protection circuit for MOSFETs has been developed for high-side power switch applications. Expand
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An integrated digital PWM DC/DC converter using proportional current feedback
  • Chung-Hsien Tso, J. Wu
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • ISCAS . The IEEE International Symposium on…
  • 6 May 2001
In this paper, a novel technique using proportional current feedback is proposed to improve the dynamic response of digital voltage mode PWM DC/DC converters. Expand
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