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Global Change and the Ecology of Cities
Urban areas are hot spots that drive environmental change at multiple scales. Material demands of production and human consumption alter land use and cover, biodiversity, and hydrosystems locally toExpand
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Effects of changing scale on landscape pattern analysis: scaling relations
  • J. Wu
  • Mathematics
  • Landscape Ecology
  • 20 April 2004
Landscape pattern is spatially correlated and scale-dependent. Thus, understanding landscape structure and functioning requires multiscale information, and scaling functions are the most precise andExpand
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Ecosystem stability and compensatory effects in the Inner Mongolia grassland
Numerous studies have suggested that biodiversity reduces variability in ecosystem productivity through compensatory effects; that is, a species increases in its abundance in response to theExpand
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From Balance of Nature to Hierarchical Patch Dynamics: A Paradigm Shift in Ecology
  • J. Wu, O. Loucks
  • Economics
  • The Quarterly Review of Biology
  • 1 December 1995
A common assumption historically in ecology is evident in the term "balance of nature." The phrase usually implies that undisturbed nature is ordered and harmonius, and that ecological systems returnExpand
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Use and misuse of landscape indices
  • H. Li, J. Wu
  • Geography
  • Landscape Ecology
  • 19 July 2004
Landscape ecology has generated much excitement in the past two decades. One reason was that it brought spatial analysis and modeling to the forefront of ecological research. However, highExpand
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Present-Day Crustal Deformation in China Constrained by Global Positioning System Measurements
Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements in China indicate that crustal shortening accommodates most of India's penetration into Eurasia. Deformation within the Tibetan Plateau and its margins,Expand
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Primary production and rain use efficiency across a precipitation gradient on the Mongolia Plateau.
Understanding how the aboveground net primary production (ANPP) of arid and semiarid ecosystems of the world responds to variations in precipitation is crucial for assessing the impacts of climateExpand
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Empirical patterns of the effects of changing scale on landscape metrics
We investigate how a suite of commonly used landscape metrics respond to changing grain size, extent, and the direction of analysis using several different landscapes in North America. Expand
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Key issues and research priorities in landscape ecology: An idiosyncratic synthesis
Landscape ecology has made tremendous progress in recent decades, but as a rapidly developing discipline it is faced with new problems and challenges. To identify the key issues and researchExpand
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Impacts of landscape structure on surface urban heat islands: A case study of Shanghai, China
Abstract Urbanization is taking place at an unprecedented rate around the world, particularly in China in the past few decades. One of the key impacts of rapid urbanization on the environment is theExpand
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