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The unfolded protein response mediates adaptation to exercise in skeletal muscle through a PGC-1α/ATF6α complex.
Exercise has been shown to be effective for treating obesity and type 2 diabetes. However, the molecular mechanisms for adaptation to exercise training are not fully understood. Endoplasmic reticulumExpand
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EBF2 determines and maintains brown adipocyte identity.
The master transcription factor Pparγ regulates the general differentiation program of both brown and white adipocytes. However, it has been unclear whether Pparγ also controls fat lineage-specificExpand
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Superhydrophobic ZnO for EWOD Digital Microfluidic Device for Application in Micro Total Analysis System (μ-TAS)
Abstract In this paper, we present a nanostructured ZnO based superhydrophobic high dielectric constant (K) Composite dielectric for EWOD digital microfluidic device for application in μ-TAS. TwoExpand
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Locating Error Analysis for Cartesian Positioner
The structure and the operating principle of a Cartesian positioner are expounded. Based on the principle of multi-body system dynamics, the kinematic model of the Cartesian positioner isExpand
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Process Control of Loss Factor in Soft Materials
Loss tangent defined by the ratio of loss modulus to storage modulus, G”/G’, is widely used as a measure of energy loss for rubber materials. We can expect high loss tangent due to unstable state ofExpand
Effect of nano-modified adhesive on interface adhesion properties of steel component reinforced with carbon fibre reinforced polymer
Abstract In this paper, nano-Al2O3 particle was added in epoxy adhesive. Its effects on the interface properties of carbon fibre reinforced polymer bonding-reinforcing steel have been investigated.Expand
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