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This chapter discusses statistical decision functions in the context of communication processes involving learning and random duration, as well as some of the techniques used in dynamic programming and adaptive control.
Direct Time Integration Methods for Structural Acoustics and Far Field Scattering Computations
Procedures are described for doing : (a) transient three dimensional structural acoustics computations, using a combination of modal and finite element techniques in space and explicit integration in
Development and test of two flexible cryogenic heat pipes
Results are presented for a comprehensive test program directed toward determining the physical and thermal performance of two flexible cryogenic heat pipes that can provide a highly efficient
Aspects of three‐dimensional constrained Delaunay meshing
The theoretical aspects of node addition to a non-convex, multiboundary mesh of tetrahedral elements as used in finite element modelling and a new Delaunay algorithm is described that checks for illegal cases of the IP and corrects them.
Development of a 5-watt 70 K passive radiator
Future space based, infrared, Earth surveillance systems may one day be cooled by large heat pipe radiators operating at 70 K or even as low as 40 K. The use of passive radiators could eliminate the
TRANAL: A3-D Finite Element Code for Transient Nonlinear Analysis.
Abstract : A finite element method for the analysis of dynamic soil-structure interaction problems associated with buried and-semiburied structural complexes is outlined in some detail. A discussion