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Pterosaur tracks from the Purbeck Limestone Formation of Dorset, England
Purbeckopus pentadactylus , an unusual vertebrate track, is found in the Intermarine Member of the Purbeck Limestone Formation (Lower Cretaceous) of southern England. Only three slabs ofExpand
Non-marine arthropod traces from the subaerial Ordovician Borrowdale volcanic group, English Lake District
Arthropod trace fossils are described from the Borrowdale Volcanic Group, a sequence otherwise devoid of faunal evidence. Two forms, both made by the same probably myriapod-like organism, areExpand
Individual, Sexual, Seasonal, and Temporal Variation in the Amount of Sagebrush Lizard Scent Marks
Although the amount of fluid deposited on a single perch carries little information on individual or sexual identity, it reflects the physiological condition and reproductive state of individual lizards and is replenished on a roughly weekly cycle, and may provide important information to chemical receivers making mate choice and territorial defense decisions. Expand
Silicon accumulation and water uptake by wheat
Silicon (Si) content in cereal plants and soil-Si solubility may be used to estimate transpiration, assuming passive Si uptake. The hypothesis for passive-Si uptake by the transpiration stream wasExpand
A subaerial arthropod trackway from the Upper Silurian Clam Bank Formation of Newfoundland
Trackways are reported for the first time from Silurian rocks in Newfoundland. They occur in the Clam Bank Formation of the Port au Port Peninsula. At least one of the trackways represents one of theExpand
Test environments and mechanical properties of Zr-base bulk amorphous alloys
The mechanical properties of two Zr-base bulk amorphous alloys (BAA), Zr-10Al-30Cu-5Ni (BAA-10) and Zr-10Al-5Ti-17.9Cu-14.6Ni (BAA-11), were studied by both tensile and compressive tests at roomExpand
Tensile properties and fracture toughness of TiAl alloys with controlled microstructures
Abstract The objective of this study is to improve the mechanical properties by careful control of both microstructure and alloy additions in two-phase TiAl alloys based on Ti-47Al-2Cr-2Nb (at%). HotExpand
Air Temperature and Vapor Pressure Changes Caused by Sprinkler Irrigation
The downwind effect of evaporation from sprinkler spray was studied in the field to determine if air temperature and vapor pressure were changed enough to influence plant growth and water use.Expand
Wright, J
Natural convection of air in a tall vertical cavity was studied using a smoke patterns and interferometry. Experiments covered Rayleigh numbers of 4,850 < Ra < 54,800 and aspect ratio A ≈ 40.Expand
Modeling of MMIC devices for determining MMIC channel temperatures during life tests
Several analytical techniques were examined for predicting GaAs MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuit) junction temperatures to support reliability life tests. Series solution, finiteExpand