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A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial to Improve Prescribing Patterns in Ambulatory Pediatrics
Objectives: Having shown previously that an electronic prescription writer and decision support system improved pediatric prescribing behavior for otitis media in an academic clinic setting, weExpand
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Production and bioavailability of calcium and magnesium salts of omega-3 fatty acids
In order to provide an alternative to traditional liquid fish oil gelatin capsules, we developed a solid, powdered form of omega-3 fish oil concentrate by forming calcium- and magnesium-fatty acidExpand
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Validation of a Pressure-Based Combustion Simulation Tool Using a Single Element Injector Test Problem
The traditional design and analysis practice for advanced propulsion systems, particularly chemical rocket engines, relies heavily on expensive full-scale prototype development and testing. Over theExpand
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Reducing transfusions in critically injured patients using a restricted-criteria order set
BACKGROUND We sought to examine the effect on blood usage of a new electronic order set restricting transfusion orders to specific evidence-based criteria for each unit (U) of red blood cells (RBC),Expand
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Chromium(III)–docosahexaenoic acid complex: Synthesis and characterization
Supplements containing chromium in its trivalent oxidation state [Cr(III)] are used by diabetic patients to improve their glucose and insulin levels and omega-3 fatty acids are also beneficial forExpand
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Project MICAS: a multivendor open-system incremental approach to implementing an integrated enterprise-wide PACS: works in progress
The Medical Information, Communication and Archive System (MICAS) is a multi-vendor incremental approach to PACS. MICAS is a multi-modality integrated image management system that incorporates theExpand
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Computational Modeling of Low-Pressure Fan Flows
A CFD-based computational tool is used to analyze flows in axial fans. Computed results for an axial fan flow field for one particular blade shape are presented; certain global quantities such as theExpand
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Price Discovery in the U.S. Milled Rice Markets using a Cluster Analysis and Tournament
A major aspect concerning US rice producers and milling industry has to do with price transmission and the price discovery process among domestic milled rice markets and the international riceExpand
Critical Care Medicine • Volume 46 • Number 1 (Supplement) www.ccmjournal.org Learning Objectives: Exposure to high acuity environments comes with increased risk: increased incidence of delirium,Expand