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Speech Understanding in Background Noise with the Two-Microphone Adaptive Beamformer BEAM™ in the Nucleus Freedom™ Cochlear Implant System
This paper evaluates the benefit of the two-microphone adaptive beamformer BEAM in the Nucleus Freedom™ cochlear implant (CI) system for speech understanding in background noise. Expand
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A qualitative and quantitative review of diffusion tensor imaging studies in reading and dyslexia
In this review paper we address whether deficits in reading (i.e. developmental dyslexia) are rooted in neurobiological anomalies in white matter tracts. Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) offers anExpand
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Spatial Speech Perception Benefits in Young Children With Normal Hearing and Cochlear Implants
Objectives: Several studies have demonstrated better speech perception performance in children using two rather than one cochlear implant (CI). The extent to which bilaterally implanted childrenExpand
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Predictors of Spoken Language Development Following Pediatric Cochlear Implantation
Objectives: Although deaf children with cochlear implants (CIs) are able to develop good language skills, the large variability in outcomes remains a significant concern. The first aim of this studyExpand
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Evaluation of Middle Ear Function in Young Children: Clinical Guidelines for the Use of 226- and 1,000-Hz Tympanometry
The aims of the study were to evaluate tympanometry with regard to age and classification system using two probe-tone frequencies and to provide clinical guidelines. Methods: Six subject groups wereExpand
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Horizontal localization with bilateral hearing aids: without is better than with.
This paper studies the effect of bilateral hearing aids on directional hearing in the frontal horizontal plane. Expand
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A tractography study in dyslexia: neuroanatomic correlates of orthographic, phonological and speech processing.
Diffusion tensor imaging tractography is a structural magnetic resonance imaging technique allowing reconstruction and assessment of the integrity of three dimensional white matter tracts, as indexedExpand
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Effect of pediatric bilateral cochlear implantation on language development.
OBJECTIVE To examine spoken language outcomes in children undergoing bilateral cochlear implantation compared with matched peers undergoing unilateral implantation. DESIGN Case-control,Expand
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Frequency-domain criterion for the speech distortion weighted multichannel Wiener filter for robust noise reduction
A generalized multi-microphone noise reduction scheme, referred to as the spatially pre-processed speech distortion weighted multichannel Wiener filter (SP-SDW-MWF), has been presented. Expand
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Sound Localization, Sound Lateralization, and Binaural Masking Level Differences in Young Children with Normal Hearing
Objectives: In this study, procedures for measuring sound localization, sound lateralization, and binaural masking level differences (BMLDs) in young children were developed. Sensitivity for theseExpand
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