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Volunteering and Charitable Giving: Do Religious and Associational Ties Promote Helping Behavior?
Most research on helping behavior has concentrated on situational and personality effects on the decision to provide emergency aid; less work has dealt with social determinants of common,Expand
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When the Bottom Line Is Faithfulness: Management of Christian Service Organizations
When the# Bottom Line Is Faithfulness Management of Christian Service Organizations Thomas H. Jeavons Thomas Jeavons provides the principles that can help religious service organizations foster goodExpand
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Reproductive Biology of Captive Green Sea Turtles Chelonia mydas
Synopsis. A captive colony of green sea turtles, Chelonia mydas, has been maintained and observed at a commercial sea turtle farm on Grand Cayman Island, B.W.I., since 1973. Observations of thisExpand
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Fluid convection and mass transfer in porous sandstones—a theoretical model
Abstract When porous, fluid-saturated, bodies of geologic dimensions are subjected to temperature gradients on the order of the normal geothermal gradient (25°C/km) it is shown that large (km) scaleExpand
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Laser Anemometer Measurements of the Flow Field in a 4:1 Pressure Ratio Centrifugal Impeller
A laser-doppler anemometer was used to obtain flow-field velocity measurements in a 4:1 pressure ratio, 4.54 kg/s (10 lbm/s), centrifugal impeller, with splitter blades and backsweep, which wasExpand
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Vertical and Lateral Fluid Flow Related to a Large Growth Fault, South Eugene Island Block 330 Field, Offshore Louisiana
Data from sediments in and near a large growth fault adjacent to the giant South Eugene Island Block 330 field, offshore Louisiana, indicate that the fault has acted as a conduit for fluids whoseExpand
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Evidence for episodic cementation and diagenetic recording of seismic pumping events, North Coles Levee, California, U.S.A.
Abstract Bands of calcite and dolomite cements alternating with zones of nearly carbonate-free sand occur in the Stevens sandston aat North Coles Levee, San Joaquin, Valley, California. TemperaturesExpand
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Pulmonary disease in patients with Marfan syndrome.
Hospital case notes and chest radiographs of 100 patients with Marfan syndrome were investigated for evidence of pulmonary disease. The criteria for inclusion of details of a given patient in theExpand
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Organized for action : commitment in voluntary associations
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