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A technology‐based global inventory of black and organic carbon emissions from combustion
[1] We present a global tabulation of black carbon (BC) and primary organic carbon (OC) particles emitted from combustion. We include emissions from fossil fuels, biofuels, open biomass burning, andExpand
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An inventory of gaseous and primary aerosol emissions in Asia in the year 2000
[1] An inventory of air pollutant emissions in Asia in the year 2000 is developed to support atmospheric modeling and analysis of observations taken during the TRACE-P experiment funded by theExpand
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ACE-ASIA Regional Climatic and Atmospheric Chemical Effects of Asian Dust and Pollution
Although continental-scale plumes of Asian dust and pollution reduce the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface and perturb the chemistry of the atmosphere, our ability to quantifyExpand
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Emission trends and mitigation options for air pollutants in East Asia
Abstract. Emissions of air pollutants in East Asia play an important role in the regional and global atmospheric environment. In this study we evaluated the recent emission trends of sulfur dioxideExpand
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Measurements of sulfur dioxide, ozone and ammonia concentrations in Asia, Africa, and South America using passive samplers
Abstract Measurements of gaseous SO2, NH3, and O3 using IVL passive sampler technology were obtained during a pilot measurement program initiated as a key component of the newly established WMO/GAWExpand
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Impacts of global climate change and emissions on regional ozone and fine particulate matter concentrations over the United States
Simulated future summers (i.e., 2049-2051) and annual (i.e., 2050) average regional O 3 and PM2.5 concentrations over North America are compared with historic (i.e., 2000-2002 summers and all ofExpand
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New approach to monitor transboundary particulate pollution over Northeast Asia
Abstract. A new approach to more accurately monitor and evaluate transboundary particulate matter (PM) pollution is introduced based on aerosol optical products from Korea's Geostationary Ocean ColorExpand
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Regional‐scale chemical transport modeling in support of the analysis of observations obtained during the TRACE‐P experiment
[1] Data obtained during the TRACE-P experiment is used to evaluate how well the CFORS/STEM-2K1 regional-scale chemical transport model is able to represent the aircraft observations. Thirty-oneExpand
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A high-resolution emission inventory for eastern China in 2000 and three scenarios for 2020
We develop a source-specific high-resolution emission inventory for the Shandong region of eastern China for 2000 and 2020. Our emission estimates for year 2000 are higher than other studies for mostExpand
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Development of an anthropogenic emissions processing system for Asia using SMOKE
Abstract Air quality modeling is a useful methodology to investigate air quality degradation in various locations and to analyze effectiveness of emission reduction plans. A comprehensive air qualityExpand
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