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Effect of C/N on composting of pig manure with sawdust.
The aim of this composting trial was to evaluate the effect of C/N on the composting process of pig manure with the purpose of reducing the amount of sawdust normally used as co-composting materials.Expand
Silicon-mediated enhancement of cadmium tolerance in maize (Zea mays L.) grown in cadmium contaminated soil.
Pot experiments were performed to study the alleviative effects of exogenous silicon (Si) on cadmium (Cd) phytotoxicity in maize grown in an acid soil experimentally contaminated with Cd. FiveExpand
Transformation of organic matter during co-composting of pig manure with sawdust.
Co-composting of pig manure with sawdust was studied in order to characterize the organic transformation during the process, using both chemical and spectroscopic methods. Humic acids (HA) and fulvicExpand
Co-composting of soybean residues and leaves in Hong Kong.
The goal of this project was to evaluate the feasibility of co-composting of soybean residues and leaves and the effects of turning frequency on compost quality. Soybean residues were mixed withExpand
Assessment of trace metal distribution and contamination in surface soils of Hong Kong.
An intensive investigation was conducted to study the distribution of trace metals in surface soils of Hong Kong and to assess the soil environmental quality. From results of cluster analysis, andExpand
Effects of lime amendment on availability of heavy metals and maturation in sewage sludge composting.
A batch composting study was performed to evaluate the feasibility of co-composting sewage sludge with lime, aiming at reducing the availability of heavy metals in the sludge compost. Sewage sludgeExpand
Speciation of heavy metals during co-composting of sewage sludge with lime.
During composting the humification of organic matter will have a significant effect on the physicochemical form of existence of heavy metals. Therefore the present study was conducted to investigateExpand
Effects of pig manure compost and nonionic-surfactant Tween 80 on phenanthrene and pyrene removal from soil vegetated with Agropyron elongatum.
This paper evaluates the effects of pig manure compost (PMC) and Tween 80 on the removal of phenanthrene (PHE) and pyrene (PYR) from soil cultivated with Agropyron elongatum. Soils spiked with aboutExpand
Effect of dissolved organic matter from sludge and sludge compost on soil copper sorption.
  • L. Zhou, J. Wong
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of environmental quality
  • 1 May 2001
Interaction of Cu with dissolved organic matter (DOM) is an important physicochemical process affecting Cu mobility in soils. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of DOM fromExpand
Coal fly ash and lime addition enhances the rate and efficiency of decomposition of food waste during composting.
To evaluate the use of coal fly ash (CFA) on the decomposition efficiency of food waste, synthetic food waste was mixed with lime at 1.5% and 3% (equivalent to 0.94% and 1.88% CaCO(3), respectively),Expand