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The chemistry and technology of jojoba oil
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A new test for the thermodynamic consistency of vapor-liquid equilibrium
A new thermodynamic consistency test of vapor-liquid equilibrium data at low pressure has been proposed based on the equation that describes the bubble point of the mixture. The test can be used in aExpand
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The Herington test for thermodynamic consistency
The Herington test for thermodynamic consistency is examined in detail and shown to be incorrect. New expressions are proposed for the cases where information on heats of mixing is or is not available
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The vapour pressure of water over saturated aqueous solutions of malic, tartaric, and citric acids, at temperatures from 288 K to 323 K
Abstract Vapour pressures of saturated aqueous solutions of DL -malic acid, L (+)-tartaric acid, and citric acid were measured in the temperature range 288 K to 323 K, applying the isoteniscopeExpand
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Osmotic and activity coefficients of HO2CCH2C(OH)(CO2H)CH2CO2H (citric acid) in concentrated aqueous solutions at temperatures from 298.15 K to 318.15 K
Vapour-pressure lowerings of HO2CCH2C(OH)(CO2H)CH2CO2H(aq)(citric acid) solutions in the (0.51 to 7.65) mol.kg−1molality range and at five temperatures from 298.15 K to 318.15 K were determined byExpand
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Historical development of the vapor pressure equation from dalton to antoine
The vapor pressure of a pure liquid or of a solution is a property that has been observed since antiquity. Here, we trace the different equations that have been suggested to describe the variation ofExpand
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Estimation of Liquid−Liquid−Vapor Equilibria Using Predictive EOS Models. 1. Carbon Dioxide−n-Alkanes
This study looks for the first time at the possibility of predicting liquid−liquid−vapor equilibria without preliminary resource to experimental data. For this purpose, the two most successfulExpand
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Analysis of residuals : a useful tool for phase equilibrium data analysis
It is shown that analysis of the goodness of a fit using only the coefficient of determination R 2 or the mean average deviation is not enough and should be accompanied by a statistical study of theExpand
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Jojoba oil and derivatives.
  • J. Wisniak
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  • Progress in the chemistry of fats and other…
  • 1977
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Modelling methanol recovery in wine distillation stills with packing columns
Methanol is a well known toxic congener that contaminates many spirits. Chilean legislation indicates that methanol content in wine distillates should not exceed 1.5 g/L absolute alcohol (a. a.). ToExpand
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