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Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) transformation using phosphinothricin selection results in a high frequency of single-copy transgene integration
The successful use of Agrobacterium for the large-scale production of transgenic creeping bentgrass plants with a high frequency of a single-copy transgene insertion that exhibit stable inheritance patterns is reported. Expand
Vascular Plants of Texas: A Comprehensive Checklist Including Synonymy, Bibliography, and Index
Everyone with a professional interest in the flora of Texas will welcome this up-to-date checklist of the vascular plants. This comprehensive list also includes crops, persistent perennials, andExpand
Controlling Transgene Escape in GM Creeping Bentgrass
Male sterility can serve as an important tool to control transgene escape in bentgrass, facilitating the application of genetic engineering in producing environmentally responsible turfgrass with enhanced traits. Expand
A Systematic Study of Digitaria sect. Pennatae (Poaceae: Paniceae) in the New World
ABSTRAcr. New World Digitaria sect. Pennatae is represented by two species: D. arenicola and D. cognata. Reproductive, cytological, and morphological studies were conducted with four accessions of D.Expand
Frequency of androgenesis in Poa arachnifera interspecific hybridizations
Though low in occurrence, the generation of androgenic dihaploids derived through P. arachnifera interspecific hybridizations offers a non-traditional breeding approach for sampling genetic variability of Poa species and the development of new breeding resources. Expand