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Multilevel Analysis of Environmental Salmonella Prevalences and Management Practices on 49 Broiler Breeder Farms in Four South‐Eastern States, USA
A two‐part serial survey of 49 broiler breeder farms was conducted in four south‐eastern states: Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina. Broiler breeder farms from three to five broilerExpand
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The Eurasian Economic Union and China’s silk road: implications for the Russian–Chinese relationship
ABSTRACT In the last several years, both Russia and China have launched ambitious regional projects that are promoted as a means to strengthen linkages with neighbouring states. The Eurasian EconomicExpand
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Strategic Partners: Russian-Chinese Relations in the Post-Soviet Era
1. Introduction 2. Russian-Chinese Relations: A Chronological Overview 3. Russia and China as Neighbors: Border Issues and Regional Relations in Asia 4. The Weakest Link: Economic Relations betweenExpand
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Russia’s relationship with China: the role of domestic and ideational factors
Over the past few years, Russian–Chinese relations have grown steadily closer. This article examines the domestic and ideational motivations that underlie Russia’s interactions with China. It isExpand
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Coloured Revolutions: The View from Moscow and Beijing
Both the Russian and the Chinese leaderships were deeply disturbed by the outbreak of the coloured revolutions in the post-Soviet space between 2003 and 2005, perceiving them as both an external andExpand
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Emerging capitalism in Russia and China: implications for Europe
This paper compares the evolution of capitalism in Russia and China and the implications of these transitions for Europe. The framework we utilise includes six variables developed by Lane (2006) thatExpand
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“The Polish lesson:” China and Poland 1980–1990
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Applications of Edge-Bonded Transducers to SAW Components
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Russia and China Respond to Soft Power: Interpretation and Readaptation of a Western Construct
This article examines the Russian and Chinese perspective of soft power. It argues that Russia and China are not simply authoritarian states; rather they are authoritarian states of a specialisedExpand
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The Russian Pursuit of Regional Hegemony
During the Yeltsin era, the Russian Federation possessed neither the will nor the capability to assume a dominant role in its interactions with its neighbours. Vladimir Putin, however, assumed officeExpand
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