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Displacement-based seismic analysis for out-of-plane bending of unreinforced masonry walls
This paper addresses the problem of assessing the seismic resistance of brick masonry walls subject to out-of-plane bending. A simplified linearized displacement-based procedure is presented alongExpand
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Impact of Heterogeneity, Bed Forms, and Stream Curvature on Subchannel Hyporheic Exchange
[1] Advection through hyporheic zones (HZ) consisting of heterogeneous channel bend streambed deposits and their equivalent homogenous medium was investigated using finite difference groundwater flowExpand
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A stochastically based seismological model is described in this paper and used to generate synthetic accelerograms that are considered representative of intraplate earthquake events recorded on rock.Expand
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Mountain-Block Hydrology and Mountain-Front Recharge.
In semiarid climates, a significant component of recharge to basin aquifers occurs along the mountain front. Traditionally called “mountain-front recharge” (MFR), this process has been treated byExpand
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Dunes, turbulent eddies, and interfacial exchange with permeable sediments
[1] Interfaces between a water column and underlying porous media are ubiquitous in nature. Turbulent flow over an irregular interface separating a water column and underlying porous media drivesExpand
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Internal architecture, permeability structure, and hydrologic significance of contrasting fault-zone types
The Sand Hill fault is a steeply dipping, large-displacement normal fault that cuts poorly lithified Tertiary sediments of the Albuquerque basin, New Mexico, United States. The fault zone does notExpand
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Hydrodynamics of coupled flow above and below a sediment-water interface with triangular bedforms
Abstract The hydrodynamics of a system where there is a coupled flow above and below a sediment–water interface (SWI) are not completely understood. We numerically simulate mean two-dimensional,Expand
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Impacts of yield management in competitive airline markets
This paper presents the results of the first known study of the impacts of airline yield management (YM) under competitive market conditions, taking into account the YM capabilities of competingExpand
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Ground‐Water Quality Modelinga
A generalized lumped parameter ground-water model is developed based on simultaneous water and solute balances for a phreatic aquifer. The basis for the lumped parameter approach is established byExpand
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Hysteresis and state‐dependent anisotropy in modeling unsaturated hillslope hydrologic processes
This paper describes a series of soil water tracer experiments and approaches taken to numerically model the flow and transport behavior observed in the field experiments. These experimental andExpand
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