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Training for Generalization and Maintenance in RtI Implementation: Front‐Loading for Sustainability
Response to Intervention (RtI) is being implemented as a new initiative in PK-12 schools with increasing frequency. However, the model must be sustained at the school level, which is potentiallyExpand
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A collaborative approach.
  • J. Wilson
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  • 2006
FARA funds progress – and our vision is a world without the debilitating effects of FA. Expand
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Stories ‘Told’ about engineering in the Media: Implications for attracting diverse groups to the profession
We present a constructed narrative and critical analysis of one of the five dominant stories identified in the study, namely: Students' Lack of Interest and/or Proficiency in Math and Science. Expand
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A novel educational module to teach neural circuits for college and high school students: NGSS-neurons, genetics, and selective stimulations
This report introduces various approaches to target defined neural pathways for stimulation and to address the effect of particular neural circuits on behavior in a model animal, the fruit fly (Expand
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The Multi-Functional Foot in Athletic Movement: Extraordinary Feats by Our Extraordinary Feet
The unique architecture of the foot system provides a sensitive, multi-tensional method of communicating with the surrounding environment. Within the premise of the paper, we discuss three themes:Expand
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An experimental manipulation of rejection: Effects on children's attitudes and mood depend on rejection sensitivity and relationship history
Abstract Guided by rejection sensitivity (RS) theory, the objective of this study was to test whether children's RS was associated with elevated negative emotional responses (less positive in‐groupExpand
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Flight deck automation and task management
The purpose of the paper is to show that recent flight deck automation human factors research suggests that attention allocation or task management is a critical safety issue in advanced technology aircraft, to relate that finding to task management research, and to suggest a course for future research to address that issue. Expand
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Fast negative breakdown in thunderstorms
Thunderstorms are natural laboratories for studying electrical discharges in air, where the vast temporal, spatial, and energy scales available can spawn surprising phenomena that reveal deficienciesExpand
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