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Enhancing public trust in the food safety regulatory system.
OBJECTIVE It is worth examining how public health agencies can enhance the public's trust in the food safety regulatory system. This paper will focus on the food safety system, which can be definedExpand
Regional, Seasonal, and Antimicrobial Resistance Distributions of Salmonella Typhimurium in Canada
BackgroundThis study was conducted to describe the geographical and seasonal distributions of reported human SalmonellaTyphimurium (ST) definitive type 104 (DT104) cases, to compare theseExpand
Multiuser Collaborative Exploration of Immersive Photorealistic Virtual Environments in Public Spaces
We have developed and deployed a multimedia museum installation that enables one or several users to interact with and collaboratively explore a 3D virtual environment while simultaneously providing an engaging and educational, theater-like experience for a larger crowd of passive viewers. Expand
An Analysis of Post-Reform Welfare Reentry in Tennessee
W elfare programs across the nation underwent a dramatic transformation in 1996. Tennessee was no exception, as work or training requirements and time limits replaced unrestricted cash grants. TheseExpand
Buddhism Without Merit: Theorizing Buddhist Religio-Economic Activity in the Contemporary World
Merit is the fundamental product of the Buddhist system. Buddhists generate and distribute it through their activities, and merit economics have shaped Buddhist practices, organizations, materialExpand
Collaborative Multitouch Log Browsing
System logs contain much information that can assist system administrators in monitoring the state and history of system services. Tools and alarms that analyze such logs, however, are designed toExpand
Reflecting on One Health in Action During the COVID-19 Response
The COVID-19 pandemic, a singular disruptive event in recent human history, has required rapid, innovative, coordinated and collaborative approaches to manage and ameliorate its worst impacts.Expand
A roadmap for a quantitative ecosystem-based environmental impact assessment
A new roadmap for quantitative methodologies of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is proposed, using an ecosystem-based approach. Expand