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Unmaking north and south : cartographies of the Yemeni past, 1857-1934
"Unmaking North and South" revisits the Yemeni past by situating the historical construction of Yemen's north and south as bounded political, social, and moral spaces in the broader context ofExpand
The Salafī Imāmate: Moral Reform and Anti-Imperialism in the Mutawakkilite Kingdom
Abstract This article reassesses the reign of Imām Yaḥyā Ḥamīd Al-Dīn (r. 1904–48), the historiography of which has emphasized its perceived political, economic, and intellectual isolation. InExpand
Variations in State Casualty Rates in World War II and the Vietnam War
State casualty rates from the Vietnam War and World War II were related to a number of social and economic indicators from the 1970 and 1940 census. Also included in the analysis were variablesExpand
Considerations for secure and resilient satellite architectures
This paper discusses a notional satellite architecture and explores security vulnerabilities using a systems-level approach. Expand
Azad’s Mecca: On the Limits of Indian Ocean Cosmopolitanism
In recent years, historians and postcolonial critics have illuminated several trends of universalist thought among a group of Indian intellectuals and activists who articulated forms of humanistExpand
Leaving Only Question-Marks: Geographies of Rule in Modern Yemen
The juxtaposition of these seemingly unrelated moments in Britain’s colonial history, the trial of Warren Hastings and a conversation with Imam Ahmad concerning the borders of Britain’s AdenExpand
Defining Authority on the Indian Frontier