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Using megasonic development of SU-8 to yield ultra-high aspect ratio microstructures with UV lithography
SU-8 resist is commonly used to produce high aspect ratio microstructures in MEMS field. The resist is patterned using either ultraviolet (UV) or X-ray lithography and developed to produce structuresExpand
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Modelling carbon dioxide storage within closed structures in the UK Bunter Sandstone Formation
The Bunter Sandstone Formation in the UK Southern North Sea has the potential to become an important CO2 storage unit if carbon dioxide capture and storage becomes a widely deployed option for theExpand
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Microfabrication of an electromagnetic power relay using SU-8 based UV-LIGA technology
Most of the MEMS relays reported in the field now are based on silicon fabrication and cannot be used for power applications. In this paper, we report a research effort to microfabricate anExpand
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Numerical simulation and test of a UV-LIGA-fabricated electromagnetic micro-relay for power applications
Abstract The research work presented in this paper focused on the modeling, simulation, and test of the dynamic performances of a UV-LIGA-fabricated electromagnetic power relay. The relay consists ofExpand
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Plasma treatment as a method for functionalising and improving dispersion of carbon nanotubes in epoxy resins
This study reports on the results of plasma-treated carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in the presence of oxygen and ammonia which can be scaled up for relatively large quantities of nanomaterials. The plasmaExpand
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Hollow Cathode With Low Work Function Electride Insert
Hollow cathodes are critical devices in the successful operation of electric propulsion thrusters. Cathodes featuring C12A7:electride as an ultra-low work function thermionic emitter are hypothesizedExpand
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Erosion rate diagnostics in ion thrusters using laser-induced fluorescence
We have used laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) to monitor the charge-exchange ion erosion of the molybdenum accelerator electrode in ion thrusters. This real-time, nonintrusive method was implementedExpand
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Ground-based tests of hollow cathode plasma contactors
Experimental results are presented which describe operation of and the plasma environment associated with a hollow cathode-based plasma contactor collecting electrons from an ambient, low densityExpand
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Bells against palsy.
A technique is described in which "jingle bells" are sutured in three positions on the face at the points of maximum excursion of the facial musculature when stimulated by a Hilger nerve stimulatorExpand
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Characterization of calcium fenoprofen 2. Dissolution from formulated tablets and compressed rotating discs
Abstract Calcium fenoprofen samples previously studied in powder form have been made into formulated tablets and into pure compressed discs. The wide variation in dissolution rate noted for powdersExpand
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