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Measuring balance in the elderly: validation of an instrument.
This study assessed the validity of the Balance Scale by examining: how Scale scores related to clinical judgements and self-perceptions of balance, laboratory measures of postural sway and externalExpand
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Clinical and laboratory measures of postural balance in an elderly population.
The objective of this cross-sectional study was to compare scores on the Balance Scale with laboratory measures of postural sway and other clinical measures of balance and mobility. Thirty-oneExpand
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Assessment of global function: The Reintegration to Normal Living Index.
This paper reports the development of an instrument, the Reintegration to Normal Living (RNL) Index, to assess global function status. Information to determine the components of the index wasExpand
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Development of a measure of physical function for patients with bone and soft tissue sarcoma
Patients undergoing limb salvage surgery for bone and soft tissue sarcoma of the extremities experience significant physical disability as a result of life-preserving treatment. The existing healthExpand
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The Quebec Back Pain Disability Scale: conceptualization and development.
The Quebec Back Pain Disability Scale is a new measure of functional disability for patients with back pain. Functional disability was operationalized in terms of perceived difficulty associated withExpand
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Differences between men and women in the rate of use of hip and knee arthroplasty.
BACKGROUND Previous studies suggest that, for some conditions, women receive fewer health care interventions than men. We estimated the potential need for arthroplasty and the willingness to undergoExpand
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The Quebec Back Pain Disability Scale: Measurement Properties
Study Design. The Quebec Back Pain Disability Scale is a 20-item self-administered instrument designed to assess the level of functional disability in individuals with back pain. The scale wasExpand
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Measurement properties of the activities scale for kids.
The Activities Scale for Kids (ASK) is a self-report measure of childhood physical disability, that has excellent reliability (ICC = 0.97). The purpose of this study was to assess further the ASK'sExpand
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The Community Balance and Mobility Scale-a balance measure for individuals with traumatic brain injury
Objective: To provide evidence for the validity and reliability of a new outcome measure of balance, the Community Balance and Mobility Scale, developed for the ambulatory individual with traumaticExpand
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Socioeconomic Status and Mortality after Acute Myocardial Infarction
Context Many studies show worse cardiovascular outcomes among poor persons than among affluent persons, but the factors that mediate this relationship are unknown. Contribution In this prospectiveExpand
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